Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road Trippin’ - Thoughts from the Road - Literally!

While on the road, I lived in hope that I might have the opportunity to use a computer and do a quick post. I made lots of notes to work from but, alas, I was internet free for the whole trip. Yes, I did feel withdrawal symptoms. So, here are few of those snippets I wanted to share from our first day on the road.


As we were heading West, we passed from one radio station to the next as the miles fell behind us, catching interesting bits and pieces along the way.

Near Warfordsburg, in Western PA, police are looking for someone who stole money from a gas station clerk. Seems the customer complained about the high price of a pack of cigarettes so the clerk pulled $60 from his own pocket and bet the guy he couldn’t find a store selling them for less. The customer grabbed the cash and left. He hasn’t been seen again. Wonder if he took the cigarettes, too.

Moving toward Cleveland, we caught The Bob and Tom Show. (The Big Guy listens to them each morning on his way to work.) They did a modern day version of the old Who’s on First routine, calling it Baseball Maze Makeover. Basically, they made fun of the current steroid rumors and claims among the current players. Very clever!

Then there was the news of the stalker on the set of Dancing With the Stars - seems he believed Shawn Johnson was speaking directly to him personally through the TV and ESP!!! I firmly believe Shawn’s mind was filled with thoughts like “one-two-three-one-two-three-turn”.

Moving through Sandusky (Ohio) there was a new and creative twist on doing local mission work. A local church was offering to pay for anyone to do their laundry at a local laundromat during a specific time period one day. There weren’t any specific qualifications necessary. They didn’t have to belong to the church, prove residence in a specific neighborhood or even prove they were poor. They merely needed to show up with their dirty laundry. The give-away would start at a specific time and last “till the quarters run out!” Let’s get real, who’s going to go to the great effort of carrying their dirty clothes somewhere if they didn’t really need and welcome this type of handout? It was a self-limiting effort, too. They weren’t just handing out cash, they were literally feeding the machine once the customer loaded it. I love to see churches and other charities do something like this where I believe the truly struggling folks benefit.

In Toledo, we were entertained by a radio commercial for a piano sale! A local store there had prepared a parody of Peter Cottontail that went something like this:
Here come’s Peter Cottontail,
Looking for a piano sale,
He needs to learn an Easter song
And ended with something to the effect of ,
Peter played his Easter song,
Everybody sang along

**This one took our award for creativity on this trip!

A billboard near LaGrange advertised a popular motel chain and across the bottom had the words “Free wifi and smart breakfast.” My road weary eyes saw that as “Free wife and smart breakfast.” My imagination then took over with visions of traveling businessmen taking advantage of the free “wife” feature. Among other services, maybe she would lay out his clothes for the day while he showered and then trot right over to the lobby to bring him back something from the “smart” breakfast bar. By the way, exactly what is a “smart” breakfast?

Near Chicago, another sign advertised the “Déjà Vu Gentleman’s Club.”
What is the déjà vu factor? Does this mean the dancers used to be young and good looking or are the current dancers daughters of the old dancers? Possibly, they just assume if you’ve seen one of these dancers, you’ve seen them all!

Okay, we were getting quite road weary at this point and soon stopped for the night in Davenport, Iowa.

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