Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a busy and HOT weekend!!

We started out on Saturday with an afternoon at our local winery with The Big Guy's brother and sister-in-law and a few hundred of our "closest friends." There was a Jimmy Buffett tribute band playing, great food available, a cool breeze under the trees (Okay, a breeze moving WARM air but it was MOVING.) and, oh yeah, WINE!!!!

It was a good day for the first "UNOFFICIAL" day of summer!

I was up early on Sunday as we really did still have to make a choice between parties but, in either case, I needed to whip up a dessert to take with. We ended up heading to Harrisburg, PA for the Treasurer's Picnic, an annual party held by the Blues Society of PA. It's a bout a 2 hour drive for us, each, way, but well worth the trip. Let me tell you, these folks can PARTY !!!

They put on a huge spread of food that lasts all day from about noon to 7:30 p.m. They start with appetizers and nibbles for an hour or so and then put out a huge buffet. The grill and smoker goes all day and there are tons of salads and sides. Everybody who comes brings a dessert. They have loads of water, sodas and even a self-serve beer truck!

. . . And there's LOTS of great LIVE music!!! We had 7 full bands, each playing a 45 min to an hour long set and then 6 acoustic acts who did about 1/2 hour sets in between the bands. ALL were of the highest quality and totally enjoyable. One of the high points this time came with The Don Johnson Project. this is a great party/dance band and they really get everybody moving. This time, they had a real musical phenom with them. A young guy named A.J. who plays a mean guitar and he's only about 11 or 12 years old!!! (He's the guy in the red shirt, way to the right in the picture.) Look out, Eric Clapton!!

This is a great bunch of folks who really know how to have a great time! Unfortunately, since it is a long trip for us, we usually only get to about 4 or 5 events they do each year. Most happen in and around Harrisburg or Allentown. (Yes, we DO have a local blues society and we belong to that, too. They just aren't as much fun!)

I felt bad because we had to choose between parties. The other was just down the road from our house but we do see most of those folks every week or so. Still, we hated to miss that get-together. We just couldn't do both.

Yesterday, we only had to trek right next door but it was an all-day event. Again, great food, fantastic company and good day was had by all!!

I was pleased to find my little sailor style onesie also made it into, not one, but TWO, different Etsy treasuries over the weekend!! Katie at ktimages did it first, on Saturday, in a treasury showing how we wear our Red, White and Blue and, then, Tracy of Lucky 1724 featured it in her Stars and Stripes treasury yesterday. Be sure to check these out as Red, White and blue is still in style and we'll all be looking to show our patriotism again on July 4th!!

I think it's the backside on this one that garners most of the attention!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the fox says...

Who among us hasn't sat with a toddler and played the old "The cow says 'moo'" game? I can't imagine how many times over the decades I've wracked my brain to come up with a different critter to ask about in one of these matches of the wits. I must say, though, "FOX" never entered my mind!Let me backtrack a bit.

The other night, I lay quietly awake in my bed listening to the mysterious sounds of the night. This was unusual in that it's rare that I am awake for more than a minute or two once my head hits the pillow at night. It's also really strange that it should be so quiet at that moment. The Big Guy was asleep in his chair in the other room at the time, so there was no loud snoring beside me.

The windows were closed but the sounds from outside penetrated their way into the room. I noted a strange pattern of sounds that seemed to answer each other. A series of three "ooo-ooo-ooo", followed by what sounded like a poor imitation of "woof-woof" and then a series of three whistle-like sounds. It repeated many times over before I finally fell asleep.

The dog-like bark definitely sounded fake. I was sure it was a human creation.

Behind our house, we have woods with a stream and marsh land and a fair representation of animal-life. Only a few hundred yards across from the front of our house, however, is a medium-sized apartment complex catering to a transient, young adult population which presents a constant flow of traffic and activity. It is not unusual to see people standing around outside talking, smoking or just generally "hanging" at all hours of the day and night.

I chalked the odd sounds up to some sort of "code" being conveyed among those folks much like the signals we created as children. I mentioned it to The Big Guy the next morning but soon wiped it from my mind.

Well, summer arrived in these parts today. It was hot and sticky all day. After dinner, we gathered around the Tiki Bar in our neighbor's yard (What a great neighborhood!) for a cold beverage and some good conversation. For entertainment, we plugged in the bug zapper and watched the show. (It doesn't take a lot to amuse us!)

Before too long, the concert I'd heard the other night began again! This time, without the closed windows, it was easy to identify the first set of sounds as an owl's call. It's not an unusual sound in this area. I'm almost ashamed to admit I didn't recognize it the other night.

My neighbor was quick to identify the "bark" as that of the fox! This surprised me. I've been around foxes all my life but never gave any thought at all to what sound, if any, they made! We have a pair that live directly behind our house in the woods. My neighbor even feeds them occasionally. As if to reinforce his assessment, the fox quickly put in an appearance strolling along the edge of the yard. He stopped to pose in the glow of the spotlight on the shed but was quickly frightened by the sound of the bug zapper and fled into the safety of the woods.

In case you're wondering, the last of the sounds, I believe, was a tree frog. They have a variety of sounds in this end of the world and they are plentiful.

So, next time someone asks, "What does the fox say?" You'll know the answer to be "WOOF! WOOF!"

Have a good summer weekend, y'all!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am Sooooo Confused!!!!

My computer suddenly decided to do really strange things to me last night. It shut down mid-stream while I was reading a blog that I follow daily. I rebooted. It did some very strange negotiations and finally decided it would not let me access either of my browsers. I ran my security scans, finding nothing. (This took several hours.)

This morning, it gave me a security warning. Again, I ran several hours of scans. Nothing turned up. I rebooted and things moved along fine. No problems all day. Hubby used it this evening. No problems. Tonight, I've worked with five different programs, no problem.

And then....

I tried to post here. I've always approached through Firefox. Blogger refused to recognize me. I could get here through a general search but it wouldn't even give me the option of signing in. I tried to have things reset but, since you do not work with a human on the their end, it wanted me to answer a long questionnaire regarding my general G-Mail account and all other Google programs I use. I have no problems there - only with Blogger.

I'm not comfortable giving them a lot of details for programs I'm not having trouble with. I feel like there should be a box to check that says "This has nothing to do with this problem and is, therefore, none of your business." I do not see why they would need me to provide five e-mail addresses that I usually send to through my G-mail account. I do not generally send social messages through that account. For the most part, I only receive on that account.

I know this is the age of electronic communication, but sometimes, it would be nice to simply pick up the phone and speak with a live human being and explain what the problem is. Often the problem isn't one of the multiple choices they give in their list of possibilities. Often, one has to wonder who is accessing this information and why.

I spent so long getting here tonight that I've now forgotten what wanted to tell y'all !

I know I feel bad that it's been so long between posts. I have to wonder where all that time has gone. It's been a very busy week beginning with an impromptu dinner get-together with 12 of us last Thursday, house guests over the weekend, and personal and family business to take care of over the last two days. Not much painting or sewing got done here.

Hopefully, I can get back to my regular routine by morning. (Just in time for the holiday weekend!)

How on earth did we get to Memorial Day weekend, already?!?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's been a good week so far.

I finally got the rest of the first batch of vintage miniature figurines listed in the shop this week. Taking the pictures of these tiny pieces took a lot of time! I was lucky enough to make a few sales, both online and off. I've gotten some new orders, too. (Maybe one of my best non-holiday weeks of all time in terms of orders!)

'Tis the season for all things beachy and ocean-related. I've had lots of requests for my handpainted lamps and lampshades featuring fish and shells so yesterday was spent basecoating a bunch of pieces, mostly lamps. I already have a few new shades in the works. Hopefully, I'll have time to do the detail work on some of these tomorrow.

Remember the little glass canisters with the apple indentations that I bought a few weeks ago? I painted them yesterday, too. Now all they need is some cute bows around their necks. My original plan was to give them to D. for her apple-themed kitchen but I'm seriously considering listing them in the shop instead. If they're still around when I need a gift for her, maybe she'll get them then.

Poor thing! As a child she inherited all the dolls whose handpainted eyes looked a little crossed or the bear that simply didn't sell after a full season of craft shows. Now, as a grown-up, she's still a fall-back for merchandise.

Then there were some custom orders to complete, too. Since they are gifts and the recipients don't have them yet, I can't share them with you at the moment. Maybe soon. Let's just say I had fun and am very pleased with the results.

While all that paint's been drying, I've been sewing a lot of lace onto all sorts of things. Some of the lacy items should be ready to show you by tomorrow. (Most of those also have some painted details.)

On Monday night, Queen of Sienna included one of my glass paperweights in a feather themed treasury on Monday night. You can see the entire treasury here. Be sure to take time to check out Queen of Sienna's Etsy shop, too. She has a really great eclectic collection of vintage pieces.

Then, today, June over at the I Sew Cute blog, featured my "I Speak Cookie" apron on a post about baking her way through the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. Sort of makes you want to jump up and make a batch of cookies. (Or, at least, eat some cookies!)

When you get a chance, stop in and see some of the adorable pieces of resin jewelry June makes and decorates with sprinkles, glitter and love. You can see her shop here.

I think I'm going to sit back, relax and do a little reading now. I've just started reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. it's one of those books, one simply hates to put down!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Making plans beyond Saturday?

There are two subjects I try to avoid on this blog - politics and religion. Sometimes, though, one just has to comment on the world around us.

Okay, so if we're to believe all the signs around us, the countdown has begun.

This is the nearest billboard to my home
when you head North on the main drag.

If the hype is true, all the truly "good" people will be led to a beautiful life in heaven on May 21, 2011. (That's this Saturday, folks, if you don't have your calendar handy.) Those who are deemed not worthy will be subjected to "five months of torment." At the end of those five months, the world will be destroyed by fire. (Seriously, check out their website.)

***At the outset, let me say, this post today is done entirely for entertainment purposes, meant strictly to tease (or, possibly, provoke a smidgen of thought). It does not represent my true feelings, beliefs or personal opinions. I do not intend to make fun of any of my readers and their own beliefs or positions on this subject. (See, this is why I normally avoid religious topics.)

So, what are you going to do with these few last good days?

I mean, if you're in the first group, what do you need to do to get prepped for the journey? Assuming heaven is that fantastic, blissful place where all our needs are met and we're kept in comfort, what could you possibly need to carry with you? Incidentally, if that is the case, why pay any bills this week, stock the freezer or look at vacation brochures? Why make any plans at all?

Now, if you're part of the latter group (I've got to believe "the majority"), why pay your bills, finish school, get up and go to work, etc. Sure, you'll be tormented for five months but you can put up with a lot for five months. So, maybe you'll receive harassing phone calls from collectors. So what? What will you need your life savings for if the world ends in October. (You know, the day of the huge bonfire?) Why not go out and blow it all on enjoying life?

I've got to believe most folks aren't buying into this seeing as most did go to work today. Paid bills were mailed. Children went to school and plane reservations have been made for months down the road. Folks aren't out there partying in the streets, drinking themselves silly, or gambling away their life savings. (Well, at least, not most folks.)

And this is the second billboard going that way.
Want to get rid of all that cash we've been
stashing for the future?

Nope. I even bought a 20-pack
of toilet paper today and a 300-pack of daily vitamins. So, I guess, I'm either believing I'll be around for at least the next 5 months or there really isn't an expiration date stamped on my body anywhere.

So, what kind of plans are YOU making this week ?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy days and Saturdays...

"It was a dark and stormy night . . . "

Oh, wait - that's a different story.

It was a gray and dreary morning and really didn't get better throughout the day. I had the day to myself and I had plans. I try not to do damp and dreary. I find it depressing. I don't like getting wet and my plans called for a lot of outdoor and in-and-out type errands. I really wasn't feeling it.

I decided to regroup, rethink and stay in. Heck, I didn't even get dressed 'til noon!

What I did d
o was take a couple hundred pics of more of that vintage stock I need to get listed in the shop. I'm getting better with the camera but it still doesn't come easy and it does take me lots of shots to come up with five good (or, at least, "acceptable") ones to post. Now, all I have to do is get my descriptions together and spend the time typing them in to the site. I try not to list all at once in order to spread my exposure out over a longer time but I do draft the copy and have it ready with the list of the pics I want to use. It all takes time.

I fini
shed painting a shirt I was working on for The Big Guy. I've told you before he's an a-fish-ionado (Get it?) of tropical fish and fish of all sorts. He loves when I do cartoon style fishies in my work. He's also a bass player. So I combined both and made him a bass-playing blue fish (I think he's got "da blues!") He likes it!

I added some new painted items to the shop. I still have quite a few other new pieces to add this week but I'll do a few each day.

I've recently painted a few more lampshades and looked forward to getting them in the shop but, all but one of these new ones sold before I could even list them. (That's a "good thing"!) Now, I've got to get out there and locate some more bargain shades to work with.

I also added some of the new Spring potholders to the shop. Everybody can use a bright spot of color in the kitchen, can't they? Oh yeah, they make great gifts. Everybody has a kitchen. They usually come with the house!

I spent the rest of the day
sewing lace on all sorts of things!! Can't wait to finish them up and post them to show you what I did with all those trims and such.

It was a full day and I am exhausted!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yea!! Blogger's back!! I missed all of you.

That's the longest I've ever experienced problems with this site in over three years. Luckily, it looks like they've finally been able to restore all missing posts. Unfortunately, comments seem to have been lost.

Did y'all get tired of looking at pics of my Honey on yesterday's post? Hope not, 'cuz today's his birthday so I 'm showing him off again. I promise, no more pics of him this week! (Maybe not even this month - inless he does something really ridiculous and I actually catch him with the camera!)
It's a good thing they found my post from yesterday where I told you how great he was. I had written that one straight from the heart with no notes or drafts so once it disappeared, it was gone. I probably could have redone something to the same effect but, then today, I wasn't as happy with him. Anything I wrote earlier tonight wouldn't have been "sweet."

Now, hours later, he's redeemed himself and I might have been able to write something nice again. For the moment though, I'll just say "Happy B-Day, Big Guy!"

Well, I had other ideas
for this post today but it took so long to get the site back up and running, I don't have it in me anymore tonight. I'll just get that act together for tomorrow's post.

Hope y'all have a great weekend planned. Have fun!!!

(I'm not sure about the site yet! The font sizing isn't working right. Thanks to all of you new Followers who have signed up this week. Welcome Aboard.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shall I keep him?!?

Today's our anniversary!!! Though he may get on my nerves, drive me crazy and totally frustrate me at times, I really can't imagine going through life with anybody else by my side.
I don't believe any two people are an absolute perfect fit, that's what keeps life interesting though, isn't it? I don't subscribe to the "he completes me" idea either. None of us should need someone else to complete us.

I DO feel he makes the journey better.
We laugh together, mourn together and have compatible views on most subjects (and we'll each argue till we lose our voices on those other topics!) We comfort each other when there is need and instigate when one of us needs some good old-fashioned motivation.

I think I'll keep him another year, at least. After all, it's taken decades to break him in!!

Oh yeah, did I mention he's VINTAGE ? I think VINTAGE is really cool !!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lace and ribbon and calico and more lace... Oh, My!!

Remember last week when I scored some great buys at the Thrift Store. I finally found time today to go through my bags and determine just what I had there.

WOW !!!! I'll be trimming everything in sight!!

Seriously, there are 23 different laces and crocheted trims, some black braid, and some other odds'n'ends of ribbons, braids and such. Some of these pieces were over 10 yards long! Most were in the 2 1/2- 4 1/2 yard range. Among the bags of trims, there was also a large lace remnant (like bridal lace), a stray zipper and a couple balls of yarn. The scrap bag contained 13 fat quarters of a variety of calicos - lots of purples, so I'm thrilled with that! That bag also had pieces of various cross-stitch fabrics - seventeen pieces!!!

My mind is boggled over what to do with all of these. I've got ideas flying around my head faster than I can jot them down ! I simply don't know which project to start first!!

Of course, there are a few pieces I'm not sure what to do with.

Like the great piece of teddy bear lace. It's about 5" high and I have 4 1/2 yards of this. It's adorable and I'm stumped as to what is the best use for this one.

Any ideas for that one?

All sugggestions are welcome!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I miss my Mom.

My mother left us almost 16 years ago. I miss her a bit everyday but most of all today, Mother's Day. I wanted to share her picture here today but, alas, we didn't keep pictures from that time period on computers and my scanner simply wasn't cooperating today.

I wonder if she knows what a wonderful legacy she has left behind. Does she know what fantastic Moms her granddaughters have become? Does she realize she is a part of her great-grandchildren's lives through pictures and family stories told every time we gather? (She did have the pleasure of meeting her first great-grandchild while she was still with us.)

Does she know one of her granddaughters constantly throws out to her own children those "Mom-isms" she oft quoted to us as kids? It makes me smile each time I hear her tell one of her children that "You'll eat a ton of dirt in your lifetime" or "It'll get better before you get married." In fact, the latter one has evolved into a saying by her future great-grandson-in-law to "We'll see you again before the wedding!" (No date is set and is probably still a year or so down the road.) This is said even when we only expect a few hours to pass between sightings.

She fostered creativity, both through cooking and artwork, in all of us and that talent is apparent in her great-grandchildren, too. Has she seen and appreciated N's great skill at sketching and photography or J's ability in the kitchen? (And yes, that "cooking" is often "creative"!) Does she know D cultivates beautiful lilacs and forsythia, two of her all time favorites? (None of us have managed Mom's skill at raising roses.)

Does she know we all still use her recipes and, in some cases, the special dish that was always used for that particular item? So, as I pull out one of Mom's recipes today for our "special meal," she'll be in my thoughts and I'll be sending silent kisses and hugs her way.

Love ya', Mom, and always will!! (Just in case your reading this.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

A class on glass!!!

Y'all may recall, a while back, I decided to feature a "Vintage" section in my Etsy shop along with my handpainted work.

It was a spur of the moment thing and I grabbed a few "oldies but goodies" from a shelf in the basement and popped them on there. (Yep, Mr. Peanut was one of them!) Lo and behold, some began to sell!! (Folks WANTED my junk! Er, I mean "beloved treasures".)

So, The Big Guy got excited and began to dig out other treasures we've had packed away. Among them was a collection of glass paperweights. These had been collected by a family member who is no longer with us and had been packed away in a box since the mid-80s. All were purchased prior to 1974. They were definitely "vintage."

Problem was - neither of us knew enough about these things. We knew they are collectible but what to look for to determine value was a learning experience for both of us. Thank goodness for the internet!

Wow!! Who'd have thunk! There was a lot to learn just to be able to speak the language of the paperweight collector enough so we could properly market these.

Which brings us to the question, "What's this "we", Kemosabi?" This is the most interested The Big Guy has become in my business since it's inception. I think its got to be a plus. His role in this? He dug them out of storage. He knew when they'd been collected and the geographic area most of them came from and had a rough idea of their original values. I even got him doing a little online research. He's more a "hands-on" guy. He can design and create a program (and does) to run industrial equipment but true research is something he has little experience with. I think he may even have enjoyed this! (Don't let him know I noticed.)

It was my job to put all the information to good use.

A weight's value is in its workmanship, design, rarity and condition and can range from a few dollars to a quarter-mill !!! Visible flaws like bubbles, striations and scratches effect the value. There's a big difference between production flaws and external flaws. Maker's marks are vital to identifying a piece. Many paperweights made between the '40s and the 70's did not have permanent maker's marks and were only marked with a stick on label. (Most of these have been removed or fallen off through the years.) Those that are unmarked need to be identified by style, shape, color, weight, and design. There are, literally, hundreds of marks out there on those that do have signature marks.

Speaking of styles - there are a number of very definitive styles and most designers favor a specific style. Styles include: millefiori, lampwork, sulfide, swirl and crown (among others). Sizes run from the average to miniature and magnums. It's enough to make your head spin!!

One of the most difficult jobs was checking out the markings on those that had them. Marks are generally stamped or etched into the bottom of the weight although a few also have signature marks embedded in the base of the design itself inside the paperweight. There are a variety of sites online to help with this. The one I found most useful and easiest to use was this one .

There is one that I seemed to identify but still have a few doubts about, It's on the flat bottom of two of the weights we have. It's a stamped mark of a sailing ship. Since it was really difficult to focus on against the multi-colored background in the glass, I took a rubbing of it. I thought it was a ship (or multiple ships) or it could possibly have been little houses on a hillside. (O.K., use your imagination!)

We thought most of these pieces came from West Virginia (which at one time had 62 glass factories!!) So, we concentrated on marks from that region. We found a really similar ship mark from Gentile Glass in Star City, WV and I got excited but I just couldn't confidently say they were close enough. I finally went on a paperweight forum online with my rubbing and asked. I was told by experienced collectors this is a mark once used by the Mayflower Glass Company. The current mark of the Mayflower Art Glass Company in England is a a slightly different (but similar) ship. It is not unusual for companies to change their marks every so often or even to use multiple maker's marks denoting different craftsmen within the company. There has also been some discussion of this mark indicating an American company by that name. I have been unable to document this but included it in the information in my shop listing. I'm still just not comfortable making this assumption. (If anyone reading this has more information concerning this mark, I'd love to hear from you.)

It's taken weeks (interrupted by a vacation!) to do the research and determine what we have but I've finally worked my way through it and listed the last one yesterday!!! Thankfully, we've already sold a few, too, which makes all this effort seem a bit more worthwhile. I think The Big Guy was worried we'd both get so wrapped up in these and fall in love with them, refusing to let go. Gotta admit, I was tempted!!!

So, finally,
we've come to the day that I've listed the last one in the shop with as much information as I've been able to gather. please stop by and check them out. They're really beautiful!!! Most are on the 3rd and 4th pages of the shop (or just click on these pictures to get there). I'm going to relax for a few days and then move on to the next storage box.

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just little things I found interesting, cute or funny - some thoughts, phrases, pics, whatever. I hope you'll find them of interest, too.

Donny and Marie (Osmond) were on The Tonight Show on Monday. When Jay asked her about her love life, she didn't hesitate before replying: "I'm going through menopause. That means the men are on pause." It made me laugh!

So, just imagine my surprise when I heard she remarried her ex this morning. She didn't know this by Monday?!?! (I did get married in Vegas, too. You can do it on the spur of the moment!) How on earth did she keep a straight face? She's tried to build such an image of openness, honesty and a "this is me - take it or leave it" attitude. Maybe she just woke up and looked at life as a single mom of eight and thought, "Why should I be stuck in this alone while he's not on the hook? "

Seriously, I wish her all the happiness in the world.


The Big Guy and I like our food (among other things) a bit on the spicy side. You know, the kind that leaves a bit of a bite. (I am known as the Cajun cook in our crowd. I also do a lot of Mexican-style foods.) So we loved this description given about a hot and spicy dish the other day : "It's a little slap and a tickle." We've been working it into our daily conversations ever since!


When the daughter of a professional chef begins to dabble in the kitchen at a very young age, one might say she "was born with a wooden spoon in her mouth!"

Listed in the Lost and Found Ads
in the local paper:

LOST - Floating pier with aluminum ladder
on the Elk River; Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Now, that's not something one easily walks off with tucked under their jacket or in their purse!

I hope they find it before swimming season!

Monday, May 2, 2011

What a bargain!!!

WOW!!! What a score at our local thrift store today!!

I found loads of craft patterns for only $ .49 each!!! I wanted them all!!! But, when I started adding that up , they had an awful big selection so I practiced self control and narrowed the pile down. They also had bags of miscellaneous trims and laces. I bought two bags. I haven't had a chance to dig through them but they really look like true treasure troves!! There were bags of fabric pieces, too. Most didn't seem real practical for me but then I found a bag with quite a few pieces of cotton prints and ginghams and such that will work great for trimming some kids' outfits! Mixed in are at least a half dozen pieces of cross stitch fabric, too. I can't wait to get started!

I found a baby doll, too. I'm hoping she'll be a decent model for infant hats and such. We'll see. She needs some sprucing up. But, what do you expect for $1 ?

On my way out, I found the perfect set of cute little glass canisters with apple designs embedded in the glass. I plan to paint the apples red so they'll really stand out, add some folksy ribbons and maybe put some sort of primitive pretties in them. (I'm not sure about the contents yet.) I think they'll be perfect for D's apple-themed kitchen !!! Can't wait to give them to her.

I also grabbed a new 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup (my old one is chipped), a small ceramic lamp and even a brand new pair of Oshkosh blue jeans overalls that still have their original tags on them.

All this for only $22.50 !!!!

This week is off to a great start!!!! Sunday was a good day, too.

As Easter didn't go quite the way it was supposed to last week, (a family member was injured on that Saturday) our holiday celebration was postponed until this week. We had our big family get-together this Sunday. I could do this every week (I know some of you do!) although I'm sure the menu planning for such a crowd might get challenging week in and week out !

**Incidentally, for those that know the story, J's doing much better and, although still uncomfortable, was able to get back to school this week. He's steering clear of dirt bikes for a while though!

Hope y'all are having a great week, too!