Monday, May 9, 2011

Lace and ribbon and calico and more lace... Oh, My!!

Remember last week when I scored some great buys at the Thrift Store. I finally found time today to go through my bags and determine just what I had there.

WOW !!!! I'll be trimming everything in sight!!

Seriously, there are 23 different laces and crocheted trims, some black braid, and some other odds'n'ends of ribbons, braids and such. Some of these pieces were over 10 yards long! Most were in the 2 1/2- 4 1/2 yard range. Among the bags of trims, there was also a large lace remnant (like bridal lace), a stray zipper and a couple balls of yarn. The scrap bag contained 13 fat quarters of a variety of calicos - lots of purples, so I'm thrilled with that! That bag also had pieces of various cross-stitch fabrics - seventeen pieces!!!

My mind is boggled over what to do with all of these. I've got ideas flying around my head faster than I can jot them down ! I simply don't know which project to start first!!

Of course, there are a few pieces I'm not sure what to do with.

Like the great piece of teddy bear lace. It's about 5" high and I have 4 1/2 yards of this. It's adorable and I'm stumped as to what is the best use for this one.

Any ideas for that one?

All sugggestions are welcome!


Naomi said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see what you make with all that lace!

Of The Fountain said...

That white lace is sooo pretty!

Alison Marie. said...
I can't believe you found all those wonderful pieces! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Dyche Designs said...

Wow, lots of great pieces. Your going to have fun.

Additionsstyle said...

What a score. You got lots of cool stuff in your bag. Enjoy creating lots of new stuff.

Holly said...

What a great find! I'm sure you'll come up with wonderful ideas for all of these lovely trims and laces. I recently acquired a few rolls of brightly colored lace, and I ended up framing some of them. It sounds strange but looks great. Maybe you could clip a piece of your teddy bear lace and frame it...

Ramblin Mama said...

All great ideas!! Keep 'em coming. I've got LOTS of lace!! Thanks for all these great suggestions.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Great to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team!
I am the newest follower of your blog. :)

Mary C. Nasser