Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy days and Saturdays...

"It was a dark and stormy night . . . "

Oh, wait - that's a different story.

It was a gray and dreary morning and really didn't get better throughout the day. I had the day to myself and I had plans. I try not to do damp and dreary. I find it depressing. I don't like getting wet and my plans called for a lot of outdoor and in-and-out type errands. I really wasn't feeling it.

I decided to regroup, rethink and stay in. Heck, I didn't even get dressed 'til noon!

What I did d
o was take a couple hundred pics of more of that vintage stock I need to get listed in the shop. I'm getting better with the camera but it still doesn't come easy and it does take me lots of shots to come up with five good (or, at least, "acceptable") ones to post. Now, all I have to do is get my descriptions together and spend the time typing them in to the site. I try not to list all at once in order to spread my exposure out over a longer time but I do draft the copy and have it ready with the list of the pics I want to use. It all takes time.

I fini
shed painting a shirt I was working on for The Big Guy. I've told you before he's an a-fish-ionado (Get it?) of tropical fish and fish of all sorts. He loves when I do cartoon style fishies in my work. He's also a bass player. So I combined both and made him a bass-playing blue fish (I think he's got "da blues!") He likes it!

I added some new painted items to the shop. I still have quite a few other new pieces to add this week but I'll do a few each day.

I've recently painted a few more lampshades and looked forward to getting them in the shop but, all but one of these new ones sold before I could even list them. (That's a "good thing"!) Now, I've got to get out there and locate some more bargain shades to work with.

I also added some of the new Spring potholders to the shop. Everybody can use a bright spot of color in the kitchen, can't they? Oh yeah, they make great gifts. Everybody has a kitchen. They usually come with the house!

I spent the rest of the day
sewing lace on all sorts of things!! Can't wait to finish them up and post them to show you what I did with all those trims and such.

It was a full day and I am exhausted!!

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