Monday, May 2, 2011

What a bargain!!!

WOW!!! What a score at our local thrift store today!!

I found loads of craft patterns for only $ .49 each!!! I wanted them all!!! But, when I started adding that up , they had an awful big selection so I practiced self control and narrowed the pile down. They also had bags of miscellaneous trims and laces. I bought two bags. I haven't had a chance to dig through them but they really look like true treasure troves!! There were bags of fabric pieces, too. Most didn't seem real practical for me but then I found a bag with quite a few pieces of cotton prints and ginghams and such that will work great for trimming some kids' outfits! Mixed in are at least a half dozen pieces of cross stitch fabric, too. I can't wait to get started!

I found a baby doll, too. I'm hoping she'll be a decent model for infant hats and such. We'll see. She needs some sprucing up. But, what do you expect for $1 ?

On my way out, I found the perfect set of cute little glass canisters with apple designs embedded in the glass. I plan to paint the apples red so they'll really stand out, add some folksy ribbons and maybe put some sort of primitive pretties in them. (I'm not sure about the contents yet.) I think they'll be perfect for D's apple-themed kitchen !!! Can't wait to give them to her.

I also grabbed a new 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup (my old one is chipped), a small ceramic lamp and even a brand new pair of Oshkosh blue jeans overalls that still have their original tags on them.

All this for only $22.50 !!!!

This week is off to a great start!!!! Sunday was a good day, too.

As Easter didn't go quite the way it was supposed to last week, (a family member was injured on that Saturday) our holiday celebration was postponed until this week. We had our big family get-together this Sunday. I could do this every week (I know some of you do!) although I'm sure the menu planning for such a crowd might get challenging week in and week out !

**Incidentally, for those that know the story, J's doing much better and, although still uncomfortable, was able to get back to school this week. He's steering clear of dirt bikes for a while though!

Hope y'all are having a great week, too!

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