Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shall I keep him?!?

Today's our anniversary!!! Though he may get on my nerves, drive me crazy and totally frustrate me at times, I really can't imagine going through life with anybody else by my side.
I don't believe any two people are an absolute perfect fit, that's what keeps life interesting though, isn't it? I don't subscribe to the "he completes me" idea either. None of us should need someone else to complete us.

I DO feel he makes the journey better.
We laugh together, mourn together and have compatible views on most subjects (and we'll each argue till we lose our voices on those other topics!) We comfort each other when there is need and instigate when one of us needs some good old-fashioned motivation.

I think I'll keep him another year, at least. After all, it's taken decades to break him in!!

Oh yeah, did I mention he's VINTAGE ? I think VINTAGE is really cool !!

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daisydilly (vicki) said...

OOh no--vintage!!! Love it. You two make an awesome couple and I wish you many more years together.
Have a great day!!