Sunday, May 8, 2011

I miss my Mom.

My mother left us almost 16 years ago. I miss her a bit everyday but most of all today, Mother's Day. I wanted to share her picture here today but, alas, we didn't keep pictures from that time period on computers and my scanner simply wasn't cooperating today.

I wonder if she knows what a wonderful legacy she has left behind. Does she know what fantastic Moms her granddaughters have become? Does she realize she is a part of her great-grandchildren's lives through pictures and family stories told every time we gather? (She did have the pleasure of meeting her first great-grandchild while she was still with us.)

Does she know one of her granddaughters constantly throws out to her own children those "Mom-isms" she oft quoted to us as kids? It makes me smile each time I hear her tell one of her children that "You'll eat a ton of dirt in your lifetime" or "It'll get better before you get married." In fact, the latter one has evolved into a saying by her future great-grandson-in-law to "We'll see you again before the wedding!" (No date is set and is probably still a year or so down the road.) This is said even when we only expect a few hours to pass between sightings.

She fostered creativity, both through cooking and artwork, in all of us and that talent is apparent in her great-grandchildren, too. Has she seen and appreciated N's great skill at sketching and photography or J's ability in the kitchen? (And yes, that "cooking" is often "creative"!) Does she know D cultivates beautiful lilacs and forsythia, two of her all time favorites? (None of us have managed Mom's skill at raising roses.)

Does she know we all still use her recipes and, in some cases, the special dish that was always used for that particular item? So, as I pull out one of Mom's recipes today for our "special meal," she'll be in my thoughts and I'll be sending silent kisses and hugs her way.

Love ya', Mom, and always will!! (Just in case your reading this.)


daisydilly (vicki) said...

Wow this is so wonderful I lost my mom 9 1/2 yrs ago and its still hard around this time of year.

Have a great Mothers Day and thanks for sharing this

Ramblin Mama said...

Thanks Vicki. hope your day has been wonderful, too, with lots of love and hugs from all those grandkids!

Fairy Cardmaker said...

She knows because you know and she is still within you.

Tricia said...

What sweet words you have for your mom. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate that I can still call my mom when I'm making one of her recipes to ask a question.