Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am Sooooo Confused!!!!

My computer suddenly decided to do really strange things to me last night. It shut down mid-stream while I was reading a blog that I follow daily. I rebooted. It did some very strange negotiations and finally decided it would not let me access either of my browsers. I ran my security scans, finding nothing. (This took several hours.)

This morning, it gave me a security warning. Again, I ran several hours of scans. Nothing turned up. I rebooted and things moved along fine. No problems all day. Hubby used it this evening. No problems. Tonight, I've worked with five different programs, no problem.

And then....

I tried to post here. I've always approached through Firefox. Blogger refused to recognize me. I could get here through a general search but it wouldn't even give me the option of signing in. I tried to have things reset but, since you do not work with a human on the their end, it wanted me to answer a long questionnaire regarding my general G-Mail account and all other Google programs I use. I have no problems there - only with Blogger.

I'm not comfortable giving them a lot of details for programs I'm not having trouble with. I feel like there should be a box to check that says "This has nothing to do with this problem and is, therefore, none of your business." I do not see why they would need me to provide five e-mail addresses that I usually send to through my G-mail account. I do not generally send social messages through that account. For the most part, I only receive on that account.

I know this is the age of electronic communication, but sometimes, it would be nice to simply pick up the phone and speak with a live human being and explain what the problem is. Often the problem isn't one of the multiple choices they give in their list of possibilities. Often, one has to wonder who is accessing this information and why.

I spent so long getting here tonight that I've now forgotten what wanted to tell y'all !

I know I feel bad that it's been so long between posts. I have to wonder where all that time has gone. It's been a very busy week beginning with an impromptu dinner get-together with 12 of us last Thursday, house guests over the weekend, and personal and family business to take care of over the last two days. Not much painting or sewing got done here.

Hopefully, I can get back to my regular routine by morning. (Just in time for the holiday weekend!)

How on earth did we get to Memorial Day weekend, already?!?

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