Monday, May 16, 2011

Making plans beyond Saturday?

There are two subjects I try to avoid on this blog - politics and religion. Sometimes, though, one just has to comment on the world around us.

Okay, so if we're to believe all the signs around us, the countdown has begun.

This is the nearest billboard to my home
when you head North on the main drag.

If the hype is true, all the truly "good" people will be led to a beautiful life in heaven on May 21, 2011. (That's this Saturday, folks, if you don't have your calendar handy.) Those who are deemed not worthy will be subjected to "five months of torment." At the end of those five months, the world will be destroyed by fire. (Seriously, check out their website.)

***At the outset, let me say, this post today is done entirely for entertainment purposes, meant strictly to tease (or, possibly, provoke a smidgen of thought). It does not represent my true feelings, beliefs or personal opinions. I do not intend to make fun of any of my readers and their own beliefs or positions on this subject. (See, this is why I normally avoid religious topics.)

So, what are you going to do with these few last good days?

I mean, if you're in the first group, what do you need to do to get prepped for the journey? Assuming heaven is that fantastic, blissful place where all our needs are met and we're kept in comfort, what could you possibly need to carry with you? Incidentally, if that is the case, why pay any bills this week, stock the freezer or look at vacation brochures? Why make any plans at all?

Now, if you're part of the latter group (I've got to believe "the majority"), why pay your bills, finish school, get up and go to work, etc. Sure, you'll be tormented for five months but you can put up with a lot for five months. So, maybe you'll receive harassing phone calls from collectors. So what? What will you need your life savings for if the world ends in October. (You know, the day of the huge bonfire?) Why not go out and blow it all on enjoying life?

I've got to believe most folks aren't buying into this seeing as most did go to work today. Paid bills were mailed. Children went to school and plane reservations have been made for months down the road. Folks aren't out there partying in the streets, drinking themselves silly, or gambling away their life savings. (Well, at least, not most folks.)

And this is the second billboard going that way.
Want to get rid of all that cash we've been
stashing for the future?

Nope. I even bought a 20-pack
of toilet paper today and a 300-pack of daily vitamins. So, I guess, I'm either believing I'll be around for at least the next 5 months or there really isn't an expiration date stamped on my body anywhere.

So, what kind of plans are YOU making this week ?

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