Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just little things I found interesting, cute or funny - some thoughts, phrases, pics, whatever. I hope you'll find them of interest, too.

Donny and Marie (Osmond) were on The Tonight Show on Monday. When Jay asked her about her love life, she didn't hesitate before replying: "I'm going through menopause. That means the men are on pause." It made me laugh!

So, just imagine my surprise when I heard she remarried her ex this morning. She didn't know this by Monday?!?! (I did get married in Vegas, too. You can do it on the spur of the moment!) How on earth did she keep a straight face? She's tried to build such an image of openness, honesty and a "this is me - take it or leave it" attitude. Maybe she just woke up and looked at life as a single mom of eight and thought, "Why should I be stuck in this alone while he's not on the hook? "

Seriously, I wish her all the happiness in the world.


The Big Guy and I like our food (among other things) a bit on the spicy side. You know, the kind that leaves a bit of a bite. (I am known as the Cajun cook in our crowd. I also do a lot of Mexican-style foods.) So we loved this description given about a hot and spicy dish the other day : "It's a little slap and a tickle." We've been working it into our daily conversations ever since!


When the daughter of a professional chef begins to dabble in the kitchen at a very young age, one might say she "was born with a wooden spoon in her mouth!"

Listed in the Lost and Found Ads
in the local paper:

LOST - Floating pier with aluminum ladder
on the Elk River; Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Now, that's not something one easily walks off with tucked under their jacket or in their purse!

I hope they find it before swimming season!

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