Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft shows are coming -

Craft show season is upon us in the Mid-Atlantic. In this end of the world, craft shows fall into two basic seasons - mid-late Spring and Fall.

Winter tends to be gray and cold, often icy, and folks tend to stay in. Don’t get me wrong - there are still a few big craft shows around. But not really enough to quench a true crafter’s thirst for an event. Summer in these parts, tends to be quite hot and extremely humid. Folks flock to the beach or pool or just stay in out of the heat. If they do get the urge to stroll around in the sun, they tend to gravitate to the cold beer booths or snow cones, not the craft tents. Again, there are a few notable shows but too few to be called a “craft season.”

Come the first week of May, however, the E-Z Ups spring up throughout the area. Shoppers generally head out wearing good walking shoes, prepared with cash and/or credit cards, a little tanning lotion and the urge to have fun. I’m already aware of at least 14 large craft events within an hour of my home that weekend. This does not include any smaller school fairs or festivals and such.

I’m already scrambling to determine which events to attend and how I can plan a course that will squeeze the most activities into the weekend. Of course, I have to be a bit surreptitious. I plan to drag The Big Guy along (Somebody has to carry the bags!) There’s a fine line between him enjoying the day and getting cranky and whining. I try to find events that combine good music, great food AND an excellent array of crafts. In 20+ years, I’ve learned to catch the warning signs of boredom and have figured out when to pull the plug. It’s an art! For this reason, the plan requires careful thought and must be put together using a priority system.

Sometimes, I even let him think he has come up with the plan! Like he has already stated where he’d like us to go this Sunday. (That was my plan.) My navigation skills even surprise me sometimes!

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The Retired One said...

I love those flea markets they have in Florida too...everything from fresh fruits to cheesy, cheap stuff and/or crafts. I can spend a whole day of it!