Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post at all yesterday and this will be a shorty.
We've got out-of-town guests this weekend and I spent last night getting ready for their arrival. Tonight, we got together with another couple and the six of us all went out to dinner at an Irish pub none of us had tried before. A good time was had by all!

We've got to be up before dawn in the morning as we're judging our first BBQ contest of the season and we've got about a three-hour drive to get there. The weather should be beautiful and the festival has great music scheduled for the entire day and evening. We will of course have to "work" at judging for a few prime hours. It's a tough job but somebody has to taste all those delicious entries!

Actually, judging the KCBS way means we each try 6 samples of each of the 4 required categories - chicken, ribs, pulled or sliced pork and brisket. So, ideally, I should taste entries from 24 different cooking teams. These usually represent the best-of-the-best and these cooks take their BBQ seriously.

If and when we have any life left in us by evening, we also have an invite for our guests and ourselves to drop in at my brother-in-law's for some partying. We try to fill our weekends with as much fun as we can. We may have to sleep in on Sunday to recover, though.

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Hopefully, I'll get back to y'all on Sunday with pics of a great weekend.

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