Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Working the Shows Wednesday - Do you know how close Christmas REALLY is?

Christmas is coming and it will be here before you know it. There are only 21 weekends left till the big day. Do you have all your Fall and Holiday shows lined up? If not, now is the time. In fact, it’s a little late to register for the really popular annual events. Better get moving.

Next question - How much holiday merchandise do you have ready right this moment? (You only get half credit for those left-overs from last Christmas that didn’t sell and didn’t work for anyone on your personal gift list.) You can’t sell it if you don’t have it to show. Set up a production schedule now and get cracking.

If you are on Etsy, you may have noticed those Sellers who are participating in the Christmas in July promotion. At this point, I can safely say, they have a leg up on me. I have begun producing Christmas items but I haven’t started marketing them yet for 2009.

To get your full listing price value (4 months of exposure) on Etsy, you need to get your items listed by early August. Check with the Post Office and find out the “Ship by dates” and note that in your shop announcement. This will be especially important to those who need to ship overseas. If your items are custom-made and take some time to produce be sure to set realistic cut-off dates for holiday orders. At least two of the big commercial gift shows attended by retailers occurred this past week. Store buyers are lining up their Christmas product line now. Have you talked with any brick and mortar shops you deal with about what they might be interested in this holiday season?

Me, personally? I’m working on gingerbread men this week. How about you?

So, while you’re stretched out there on the beach house, sketching out your Christmas designs or at least thinking about them, drinking a HUGE margarita (or such), why not wear a Santa hat? It’ll put you in the mood and confuse your neighbors!


Christie Cottage said...

LOL Yes!!!

I have many things made up waiting until August.

Funny story: Yesterday while rearranging my office I move a brass trunk and wondered why it was heavy because I thought it was empty. Ha! I had Christmas presents in it from last year! LOL SO I am a leg up on shopping for this Christmas! LOL

Tommye said...

Thanks for the reminder. This is my first Etsy Christmas season. Previously my Christmas panic has been about the 25+ Christmas ornaments to stitch for family and friends and the samplers I stitch for family gifts. That panic starts in June. I'll be in a perpetual panic mode from now on. lol