Monday, July 6, 2009

A very LATE Sunday post!! (Sorry.)

Okay, we were back on schedule on Sunday arriving at the Heritage Fair by noon for the first musical act of the day.
The weather was fantastic all weekend, hovering in the very low 80s and breezy during the day and actually dropping down to some chilly temps after dark. Today was no exception with a bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds. We would normally expect temps in the mid 90s with high humidity this time of year. (The last time I participated in the craft portion of this event, the temps hovered between 98 and 105 degrees for the ENTIRE weekend!)

(a local beach rock group)

The crafts section:
I took time today to wander through the craft section and talk with some of the crafters there. Until last year, the crafts were all in a very large tent at the back corner of the fair - sort of the forgotten stepchild syndrome. Last year, they did away with the large tent and moved the crafts to the front of the fair right next to the entrance gate. Crafters used their own individual canopies. This was a good move. The crafts were closer to the main events and easily accessible to shoppers. (In past years, it was often not worth the hike back to buy something after thinking about it for awhile.)

They kept the crafts at the front this year and expanded on the number of spaces a bit. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of buy/sell mixed in. (There is a Commercial Row elsewhere at the fair for resale items.) When I did this show a few years back, it was juried. Apparently it is no longer a juried event or they don’t care just who “handmade” the items. Much of this was made in China, Ecuador and Mexico.

There were some good quality crafts available in some categories and I will discuss those and highlight one of those unique displays in Wednesday’s Working the Shows post. The good news is, those I spoke with were having a good weekend and were selling well. They were also happy to be close enough to the hub of activity to hear the entertainment these days.


Great music:

The Blues Brothers even stopped by!!!

Sundays at this event usually feature some of the better local and regional entertainers throughout the day and today was no exception. The featured act of the evening was Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees. He put on a great show tonight, bringing back many memories for those of us that actually watched The Monkees the first time around on TV. Micky played to a huge crowd and introduced his sister Koko to the crowd. Koko sings with the band and was even a backup singer on some of the original Monkee's albums.

A GREAT time was had by all!!

Micky Dolenz and band.
I hope your weekend finished up on a good note, too!! (Don't forget to check in on Wednesday for more about the crafts there today.)


Beth said...

Sounds like lots and lots of fun!

readingsully2 said...

You must have had a blast.

I wanted to let you know that the Treasure Hunt is on again...if you have time drop by.