Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's my birthday! (Gawd, am I old!!!)

Another week has come to an end. How does time fly by so quickly sometimes?

Again, I did not get a posting done last night. I’d love to come up with some fancy excuse, but I was just plain tired after a somewhat hectic week. We didn’t even go to the park for the Friday night concert, choosing to relax at home instead. I even got to bed early.

Today was my birthday and we got up and out early to make the best of it. We started with a breakfast buffet and then , for lack of other exciting opportunities, we decided to head for our local casino. I didn’t win but we did have a fun-filled day and, if you calculate my losses over the full nine hours we were there, I’m not too big a loser! Since we are card-carrying regulars there, the casino also gave me a generous meal comp for a birthday gift so dinner was on them.

I came home to quite a few birthday messages (and some rousing renditions of Happy Birthday) on the answering machine, a few cards in today’s mail and a couple of phone calls after we got in. (A few folks had tracked me down on the cell earlier, too.) Now, I feel REALLY old!!! (The Big Guy and I celebrated with a nice meal and cake and such last night.)

I have some pics to post of the cute outfits I made for gifts for a family event tomorrow but, just to maintain the surprise, I’m not going to post them until after that party. Some people have e-mailed me asking for the bread and muffin recipes. (I guess we’re all getting flooded with blueberries and such!) I’ll try to post them in the next day or two, also.

For now, this old gal is exhausted and needs to get to bed. I’ll talk at y’all, tomorrow.

Have a happy creative fun-filled Sunday!!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anji Gallanos said...

I hope you have a great birthday!!!


Judy said...

Happy late Birthday. I hope it was great for you. I love the casinos, too, and also have a card. It is a good deal with the free rooms and meals. I would love your comments on my most recent post about health care. Thanks.

Flight Fancy said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

daisydilly said...

wished you a great day over on CB but thought I'd drop in and wish you another one. Glad your birthday was a good one.

The Retired One said...

Happy, happy birthday!! I hope your upcoming year is happy and healthy.