Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just another Thursday --

Thursday - July 2!!! Wow! How did it get to be July already?!? And, how did it get to be Thursday again so fast?!? I’m just overwhelmed!!

While we’re not heading out of town this weekend, we do have a full schedule planned so there’s lots to get done before we get moving on Friday afternoon. I’ve been hustling to get household chores, laundry and cooking done. I’ve had a few orders to work on (finished painting them this morning!!) and a major gift to design and create for next weekend (haven‘t started that one yet).

I’ve set to using a timer to keep me moving, allowing so much time for each activity and signaling when I need to move on. It’s working to some extent. Items are getting crossed off my To Do list which is progress but the list does seem to grow when I’m not looking. I’m beginning to think there are some sort of gremlins creeping around and sneaking new chores on that list. Maybe I’ll hide all the pens and pencils.


In my spare time (Do we really have spare time?), I’ve caught bits and pieces from the news. (I keep a TV on in the background when I’m working - usually tuned to a news magazine type show or a talk show.)

Miracles do apparently do happen. Proof being the fact that rescuers were able to find that little girl clinging to a piece of the Yemeni plane that crashed this week. I’m totally amazed that she suffered only minor injuries.

On the other hand, one has to ask why we need to apply for licenses to keep dogs but anybody is allowed to have and raise children. Once again, local media have told us of a poor child left in a closed car yesterday for over 9 hours in extremely warm weather with tragic results. They have yet to charge the parent who, “due to a change in their regular routine,” forgot she had her 2-year-old in the car with her!! I find it totally unfathomable that this mother’s mind did not once, in 9 hours, think about her child!!! The police department spokesperson advised parents to put their purses or brief cases in the backseat with the child to avoid such errors. It is a sad state of affairs when one can remember her purse or briefcase as they get out of the car but not remember their child!

Then there are the folks in Florida whose pet python escaped his aquarium, slithered into a bedroom and strangled their 2-year-old to death after biting her on the head yesterday. The father stabbed the snake when he discovered it wrapped around the child’s neck but reports claimed it slithered away. Police eventually located the snake. It was over 10’ long! Now, I will admit I am a bit predisposed to think any snake is not a great pet but one that is so likely to be dangerous even to an adult should not be kept around babies and toddlers!! I mean, wrapping around and squeezing is what pythons do!

Just a fact, folks - Pythons are not native to Florida. The State of Florida does require people to obtain a license to possess pythons. I have not heard anyone say if this family had a license for this particular snake. Probably because people have found they get too large to handle and control and have turned them loose, there is now a sizeable population of pythons established in the Everglades.

Apparently, it’s a bad week to be 2 years old!!!


Okay, so go out there and get revved up for the holiday. Oh, and keep an eye on those toddlers!!

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