Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guest Blogger, Fred - Thrifty Finds !

My friend, Fred, is our Guest Blogger today, lending a post while I'm away:


Everyone is looking for fun stuff to do in a tight economy. If this is the case for you, don’t forget your local thrift store.

I have heard of many a crafter finding a prize at a thrift store. Expect the unexpected when you go. Not only are there great used items there, but you are bound to find brand new items at a great bargain as well.

With the recent interest in going green and recycling, what better place to go? If you like to embellish clothes, you are all set with racks and racks to choose from. Picture frames, art and other home décor items are readily available. Furniture ready to be restored (or made more funky) is waiting to be picked up. Jars, vases, pitchers, glasses, etc ready for that little embellishment that you have to offer.

Besides all the crafty items ready for you to pick up, going to a thrift store is just plain fun. Take your kids or grandkids there for a different shopping experience than they are used to.

For a fun little shopping trip that will be sure to provide a bargain or unexpected inspiration, go check out your thrift store and you’ll be helping out the community while you do it!


Thanks, Fred !!

Fred is the webmaster at, a social gathering place for crafters of all skill levels in all sorts of crafty endeavors. Those who join and participate in CraftBuddy are truly a circle of friends as evidenced by the friendly banter that fills the various forum threads there on a daily basis. Look for a long in-depth post here about Craft Buddy in August. In the meantime, why not stop over and check them out for yourself. Here's a short-cut to get your there!


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