Saturday, July 4, 2009

A busy holiday weekend --

Okay, we're just going to have to accept irregularity when it comes to Summer weekend posts from me! (Remember that old flexibility thing!)

We started the whole holiday weekend with music. (What a surprise!) As we've done for the last 25+ years, we attended an annual 3-day holiday festival that always takes place on the first weekend of July.

I've actually been attending this event for longer than that, predating my relationship with The Big Guy. I remember back before the event was fenced in, was free and you could carry your own cooler in. It's slowly climbed to a $5 admission fee and no outside food and beverages. Seriously, the admission fee was $3/day for many years with a 3-day advanced-purchase pass for $5. They always featured many hours of quality local entertainment for all three days and a headliner each evening. The quality of big names has gone down a bit over the last decade - the combination of both the rising cost of talent and a few rainy weekends that cut way back on the profit margin and, thus, the next year's budget. But then, what do you want for $5?!?

While we've heard many great feature acts there, I have to say Blood, Sweat and Tears was the absolute best. (We've even paid full concert prices for them since that time!) If you ever get a chance to catch them (even these days) go for it!

Friday's featured group was The Mahoney Brothers, a regional favorite out of Trenton, New Jersey. They do a Jukebox Heroes set that includes impersonations, complete with costumes and wigs, of folks such as Neil Diamond, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson and, of course, The King.

After an intermission, they come back out with their signature Beatles Tribute in which they highlight the Fab Four's career from the Ed Sullivan Days right up to their final performances together. There are several costume changes involved and they produce one of the best Beatles shows we've ever seen. You can catch their tours throughout the country and they can frequently be found at the casinos in Atlanitc City. I tried to get a few decent shots but was hampered by the darkness and couldn't get super close due to the large crowd.

As The Big Guy's brother and sister-in-law live right down the street from the festival, we wrapped the night up with a short get-together at their house after the concert (This is family tradition.)

Tonight, we definitely plan to see some fireworks (and probably catch some more good music)!

Go out and enjoy your holiday! Be safe and have fun.

Happy 4th, y'all !!!

I'll catch y'all later.


readingsully2 said...

Happy Fourth to you!!!

Hollyrocks said...

That sounds like a really fun festival. I would love the see the Beatles-impersonation part of the show. You guys know where all the fun stuff is going down!!