Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, so I got in tonight after 11 hours on the road (following the 13 on the road yesterday) and found problems with my scheduled posts here on the blog!

Everything posted as planned but did not reflect the actual posting date. Instead, they appeared under their draft dates which means some dates had 5 posts under it and they did not appear in the order I had planned. I feel so bad for all those guest bloggers whose items did not show up under the correct date that I had promised!! I'm sure many of you missed some of those fantastic pieces. I went back and fixed the dating problem tonight and they now appear in the correct order but I need to get you all to glance though and read some of those you missed.

There was a really excellent article about protecting yourself and your work written by Woolly Boo and appearing on July 20th. If you are selling your work out there, you really need to read this item. It's carries a lot of vital information. Another really informative piece ran on the 24th about balancing your business and personal craft lives. On the 19th, Fred discussed the benefits of checking out your local thrift shop. There were lots more interesting and amusing pieces that you may have missed due to the date problems, so if you've got a little spare time, please go back and read through these items. I had a great group of friends and family help out and I'd like you to get the chance to appreciate them, too.


On another note, I came home to find Etsy had deactivated a number of my items as they are labeled "Onesies," a trade-marked name owned by Gerber. The ironic thing is, my items are painted on Gerber onesies! I guess I need to go back and list them as one-piece rompers or body suits ("made by Gerber") before I can publish them again. As I had stated in my announcement paragraph on the shop that I was on vacation, it was not a huge problem to have these items be inactive during that time. I will fix the problem and get them back out there tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm glad to be home and ready to hit the sack! Talk at you in the morning!!

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