Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check out the plans for the next 15 days !

It's been a really busy and hectic day here, getting ready for starting our road trip tomorrow. I started early and I've still got quite a bit to get done. I'd rather stay up late and have just about everything ready to walk out the door before going to bed. That way, all I have to do in the morning before leaving at noon is shower, dress, pack coolers and nibbles into the car and make my final internet contacts before turning the machine off for two weeks! Then off to pick up The Big Guy from work and we're hitting the road.

Since there will still be somebody here at the house, I had to be sure there was some food and such here and I did a fair amount of housecleaning today. I also did some baking to take with us. (Those darned blueberries must be multiplying!!) There are still a few things needed here at home that I hope to finish before resting tonight.

I know I'll be going through withdrawal since I won't have computer access for the whole trip!! My shop is marked, showing I'll be away and any incoming orders won't be processed until 7/30. I haven't forgotten all of my Dear Readers, either. I've gathered a great bunch of Guest Bloggers who are providing some great articles for you and I've prepared some posts in advance just so you won't forget me.

Check out what's showing in this space for the next 2 weeks:

Be sure to look for a fantastic piece by WoollyBoo on Monday telling you how to protect yourself from various business liabilities and how to protect your work from various craft pirates out there who are lurking all around the web just looking to grab up ideas and descriptions and use them as their own. It's a long article but includes some really important information for anyone running an online shop.

Later in the week, Rhena, of Larsandaddie, will discuss balancing your business craft life with your personal creating. Other Guest Bloggers will be talking of thrift store treasures, mother's wisdom and a Dad's adventures in babysitting. There will be some humorous pieces and some thought provoking items. For those that enjoyed Bill Elliott's sculptures last week, there's an interview with Bill.

Some of these Guests have shops, blogs and websites of their own. Please stop in and see them at their own places after meeting them here. I'm sure they'd like the company!

I'm hoping to find a few minutes to post tomorrow but, at the moment, I'm making no guarantees.

So, please go out there an enjoy yourselves for the next two weeks and be creative and inventive while I'm gone. I'll want to hear all about it when I get home.


Thom said...

Hey! Have a fantastic time on your road trip. Look forward to hearing about it!

Penny said...

Have a great time on your road trip! I personally think they are the best!