Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guest Blogger, Dawn (and Nikki) - "Better Than Cake" Cake

Okay, I had to ask everybody for a little assistance in pulling off these blog posts while I’m traveling this week. Today’s Guest Blogger is my niece, Dawn, (who, incidentally, is also the one responsible for getting these posted correctly each day while I’m gone!)

I wanted to run Dawn’s daughter’s really easy, tasty recipe and I wanted Dawn to do the intro. So, take it, Dawn ….

This is a cake that Nikki makes and everybody likes -- including M. my sister-in-law, who doesn’t like cake! This is how the name came about.

Nikki made this and, since she didn’t want to hurt her feelings, M. tried it. Well, M. liked it so much she ended up eating 3 big pieces of it !!

After Nikki and M. finished their last of many pieces, they both decided to attack my last bite. The two of them, armed with forks, were fighting for MY last bite and they ended up sending the piece flying in the air. You can probably guess who ended up wearing the piece. ME !!!

Of course, they thought it was hysterical. After it landed on me, it bounced off onto the table and the two of them went in for the kill. I had the last laugh though, sort of. Not realizing where the piece landed, I put my elbow down on the table just as the two of them were going after that piece and, YUP, I put my elbow right in it !!!

“Better Than Cake” Cake

1 Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Yellow Cake Mix
1 can Pillsbury Funfetti Vanilla Frosting
10 Oreo cookies

Mix the cake as directed on the box.
Chop about 4 or 5 cookies into small pieces and add to the batter, mix and pour into a 13” x 9” pan.
Bake per instructions on the box.
Once the cake has cooled, frost it and then add the Funfetti sprinkles.
Chop the last of the Oreos and spread on top of the icing.


Thanks, Dawn and Nikki !!

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Campbell Jane said...

This cake sounds great!