Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Highs & Lows

Another blogger recently stated she plays high-low with her children, asking them to tell her a high of the day and a low. What a great idea!

So, I thought I'd share my weekend highs and my weekend lows with you.


I'm going to be an aunt (alright, a great-aunt) again! We should have a new little one in the family in early August.

Won at the casino today! I'm now seventeen cents richer!!! (Hey, a win is a win.)

Had a nice chat with my aunt tonight and made a lunch date with her for later this week.


I'm finding this freezing weather really depressing.

I learned of a family member's serious medical problems and upcoming surgery.

Hope your Highs outnumbered your Lows !

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Almost Precious said...

Oh too funny. LOL That's a nightmare...uh I mean daymare, that I thought about to. Hey I'm guilty of watching "What Not to Wear" and thinking; "What's wrong with what she's wearing? I worn worse." That's when it hits me. Yipes, I HAVE worn worse !
Saw your post on an etsy forums thread about blogs and thought I'd check it out. We can stand more blog followers and now you've got one more. :)