Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet a few more of my friends ...

I'm not in a very bloggy mood tonight.

It's cold here. We'll slip down to 15 degrees within the next few hours and a stiff wind will keep it feeling colder yet. (This is cold for our area! I know a lot of you would love to have a heat wave that high.) I just want to snuggle up in my blankey and hibernate a bit.

Like I said, I'm just not feeling bloggy at the moment so I'll just share a little about a few more of my followers. Maybe you can take the time to stop in and see what they have to say tonight.

While Living in Fairyland, iluvlucy8 is Mom to eight, plus one grandchild. Time is tight but she still stops in to post on a regular basis. Recently, she blogged about meeting one of my heroes, Paula Deen. (I'm soooo jealous!)

Paula at Purse Stuff uses her blog to share craft show news and reviews. She'll be doing a series of RV Resort shows in the Southwest (Tucson, Mesa, Sun City, and more) over the next few months. If you see her out there, say "Hi!."

Holly at Holly Rocks has been one of my most faithful commenters. Although, lately, she's slacked off a bit! I'll excuse her though. She's been busy with getting married (Congrats, Holly!), starting her first teaching job AND moving into a new house! By the way, she recently posted some really romantic pics from her lovely winter wedding.

Tommye is another of my frequent commenters. She wraps tidbits of her life in between pieces of her intricate and precise stitchery. The detailed counted cross stitch creations shown in all her posts on I'd rather be stitching... will make you say "Wow!."

I'm still making my way through the mob and trying to stop in and visit with each of my followers. If I haven't been to your blog yet, hang in there. I'm coming. I've already been to at least half of you this month!

So, leave the light on, please.

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