Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Continuing my blog challenge...

Back in the Fall, I issued a challenge to my fellow bloggers. Actually,I did it in response to a triple dog dare issued to me. The challenge was for each blogger to make a point of touching base with each of their followers - check out their blogs and/or online shops, make comments and, simply get to know them.

It seems we all follow certain blogs and we're very happy to have followers but those aren't always the same folks. Many of us sort of lose track of some of our followers or never really take time to find out who they are which is ultimately the purpose behind this challenge. In the process, you just may find some really interesting blogs to read and folks to get to know.

I've been chipping away at this challenge for several months now. (It probably was not wise to start this amid the holiday rush season.) I've stopped in and visited with quite a few of you but the journey continues.

Today, I've added a new twist to how I'm completing the challenge. From time to time, I plan to introduce you to some of my followers and let you consider checking them out yourselves. So, here, in no particular order, are some of my followers:

Rose over at Jessica's Ramblings is into reading at the moment. Right now, she's working on Dan Brown's latest, The Lost Symbol. She recently posted The Reader's Bill of Rights, which, among other things, gives readers the right to skip pages, not finish and reread.

Anj over On Ruby's Hill wanders the beaches of Alaska gathering bits of stone and sea glass to create beautiful and unique jewelry. She also, regularly, calls our attention to the magnificence of nature, often sharing some fantastic pictures of that awesome part of our country.

Between catching episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Bundles of Blossoms manages to blog and Twitter almost daily and has also just hooked up on Facebook. She's just moved back from Florida to Illinois and is in the process of renovating a new [old] house that has been in their family for over a century. You can read all the details of that huge undertaking in her 1/14/10 post.

Campbell Jane maintains two blogs but I only follow one of them. On Folkart by Campbell Jane, self-described as "a whimsical world of works and whatever," she shares humorous insights into her world and lots of pictures of her bright colorful artwork.

Natalie at Tins and Treasures is one of my oldest followers. She's been there since near the beginning. Natalie's a stronger woman than myself as she has survived this brutal winter in South Dakota and still keeps smiling and entertaining us with her cheerful look at life. She's spent several decades teaching what is now referred to as Family and Consumer Science (We used to take "Home Ec") and often shares some terrific recipes with us, her readers. I plan to make her Pineapple Banana Bread (shared in Sunday's post) this week. Empty nesters when their youngest went off to college, they are "parenting" a foreign exchange "daughter" from the Netherlands this year.

Ilena at Have You Seen My Dragon is a mom of two, blogger and quilter. Her musings will keep you amused!

Then, there's Audrey of Audrey's Country Crafts. Another of my earliest followers, she has it going on!! A fantastic crafter in her own right, Audrey shares her life, creations and finds (she spotlights many tremendous crafters and their shops) in her daily blog posts. Audrey also has a second blog that highlights blog give-aways and the pertinent info for each of them. You've just got to check Audrey out for yourself !!

Theresa shares her life and fantasy-inspired whimsical creations with us on her blog Flight Fancy. She's also currently taking part in the One World One Heart blog carnival.

Want to see some really adorable baby pictures? Kristi highlights her products (baby bows and hats) by spotlighting various professional photographer's shots of their models wearing Krisiti's work. The results, shown on her blog, Mommy to the Princesses, are spectacular!!

Married to a musician, temporarily hanging out in the food service world and releasing her tensions through the craft world, Angela keeps us entertained with her tales from the trenches of customer service in her brother's restaurant to showing just how many tree ornaments one gal can paint in a week on her blog Pickles on Pizza. Now, she's taking on the world of sewing, too!!

So, my trek to visit all of you continues.

If I haven't stopped in yet, just leave the light on. I'll be there, eventually.


Anonymous said...
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BundlesofBlossoms said...

What an absolutely fabulous tribute you are doing for your followers. I have decided to do the same thing, thanks to you. I read blogs ALL the time and their are so many intersting lives out there.

I was just reading about some of your followers , in this post, and stumbled acrossed ME! I am so tickled and thank you so very much! It made me smile.

They say the internet is impersonal, but I beg to differ:)

Happy Tuesday!