Monday, January 4, 2010

The FREE offer one should refuse!!

Although common fodder for stand-up comics, late night TV hosts and a number of sit-com story lines, drunk diving is no laughing matter. Most of us know someone personally who has been traumatically affected by the actions of a drunk driver but I've got to admit this little news tidbit brought a smile to my face. Is there such a thing as an "ironic smile" ?

For the tenth year, the McGuire, Jennings & Miller Funeral Home in Rome, Georgia, ran a holiday promotion for New Year's Eve. Now, you might wonder just what kind of promo a funeral home can come up with - "2 for 1" deals, "in by 8 p.m." specials, "DIY embalming" classes - it boggles the mind!

Oh, but they really came up with a good one ! A FREE funeral including the casket, grave, preparation of remains and, even, the limo for anyone willing to sign a contract stating they intended to drink or take drugs and then drive on New Year's Eve and, if as a result, they died in a wreck on that day !!

Inspired by the loss of a family member as a result of a drunk driver, they started the promotion to draw attention to the issue and to make drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel after imbibing. Hopefully, the publicity surrounding their "offer" will keep other families from experiencing such a loss.

Of course, there are some restrictions or rules to the offer. The potential victim must come into the funeral home in person with a copy of their driver's license and next of kin to complete an official funeral plan and sign a written contract. They must then sit down and write letters to their loved ones explaining why they chose to gamble with their lives and the lives of others by drinking (or drugging) and then driving. The funeral home will hold the letters for the victim at that point.

Thankfully, for the 10th year, there were no takers for this FREE offer. McGuire, Jennings & Miller intend to continue the promotion again next New Year's Eve.

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Audrey said...

I love what the funeral home did! Really would get people thinking wouldn't it.
Luckily our boys don't drink and drive. Son one does party with friends some weekends, but they walk to the party and walk back. His keys never leave the house!
Here's to 2010!! May it be a safe one.