Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, how was your weekend?

Another busy weekend coming to an end !!! How come they seem, so short? We didn't do anything spectacular but it was a good one.

We had a great "just us" day on Saturday doing something we enjoy together. Starting with breakfast out by 9 a.m., we didn't roll back in the door until about 9 p.m. !

After a good night's sleep, we took advantage of the warmer weather and made the trek to a friend's house for a last-minute afternoon-dinner plan. They live in a somewhat remote rural area that we avoid in frozen times. Today was damp and foggy but in the 50s. We spent a few hours enjoying some great burgers, lots of chatter and the guys watched the football game together. By 5, we were heading home. The Big Guy has a weekly pinochle game here on Sunday evenings so it wasn't long till that gang arrived. Before we knew it, his bedtime had rolled around and here I sit, me and my keyboard (together and alone again) !

I've been worrying this evening.

Maybe I watch too much Medium and Ghost Whisperer and such lately. While using the powder room at my friend's house today, I glanced up at a pretty little hand-stitched sampler on the wall that I've seen there many times before. The very familiar verse says: "Angels sent from heaven above, please protect all those we love."

Of course, when one lets their mind wander without adult supervision, one must expect surprises. My roaming mind read it like this: "Angels sent from heaven above, please contact all those we love." Yep, that one jerked me back to attention!

One of those do-do, do-do moments for sure!

All I can hope is those of you contacted by my angels will welcome their efforts and be comforted by the gesture. We can all use an extra angel or two.

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