Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And this effects MY life HOW?

“So, how does this effect MY life?”
Oh, how I wish I had a dollar (the heck with nickels!) for every time I hear that in my house! It seems to be one of The Big Guy’s favorite answers when I enthusiastically tell him some news of the day I thought was interesting.

On the few occasions when I justify the news with some comment as to how I think it DOES effect his life, I usually get the very dismissive response of, “If you say so.” End of conversation.

This is not to say I haven’t THOUGHT these same responses when he has deemed me worthy of some daily news that impressed HIM. For the sake of domestic harmony, I don’t think I’ve ever actually voiced either thought, though.

So, there I was just sitting there enjoying my mid-morning break on Monday when The View came on TV. They opened their “Hot Topic” segment with the HUGE news that no one could find Tiger Woods anywhere over the weekend!!! How could that be?!?

Okay, so here’s the shocker. My mind immediately came up with, “So, how does that effect MY life?” I mean, I’m not a tall, willowy, gorgeous blonde . I don’t have any financial interest in Tiger and I’m not a friend of Elan’s who is concerned about her life to any great extent. I have had weekends where I preferred to escape from everyone and just go off and be alone and I don’t have paparazzi and such chasing me for any reason. Why can’t Tiger have some time to himself?

After all, will finding Tiger’s whereabouts and reading such tidbits as “he spent a half hour in the hot tub and then had a quiet dinner with a friend,” effect my life in the long run? Assuming someone does find and report on his whereabouts.

“Hot Topics” for me would be more along the lines of “false eyelashes make a comeback,” “reading Janet Evanovich novels helps you lose weight without even trying,” or “housework proves harmful to your health and all women should stop doing any such chores immediately.” Now, those are things that would effect my life!!!

By the way, Barbara Walters made a thought provoking observation, “There seems to be only two people in the world that we can’t find - Osama Bin Laden and Tiger Woods.” Think about that one for a while.

Can't wait to check out today's Hot Topics!

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Christie Cottage said...

You've got to love Barbara Walters!