Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby it's cold outside !!

We hit a balmy 22 this morning - and then it started to snow - and then, the temps dropped, too.
Seriously, we were only supposed to get a dusting, if that. The Big Guy and our neighbor are out there now with the snow blower and shovels. It's still snowing but we're up to about 5 inches so far.

We had bigger plans but after we'd gone out to breakfast, The Big Guy said he just didn't trust the forecast so we scratched the original plans and headed back home. A few flurries started as we approached our neighborhood. They didn't let up all day.

So, we stayed in and watched T.V. and did sodoku puzzles. After a few old movies, we switched over to a food series. (I think it was on the Travel Network.) We saw some unusual stuff there. Some I'd like to try. Some made me cringe! The one that really held our attention was all about things FRIED !!

I've got to admit I HAVE tried a fried oreo. They are good ! They are also really, really rich! (We split one five ways two years ago. That one bite was enough!) I have never had a fried twinkie, though they do seem to get the most coverage.

We did have an opportunity to try fried mac'n'cheese a year or so ago. Good, but definitely overkill. I've seen fried mashed potato balls (with fancy toppings, like nachos) but didn't try them. Yes, I've even seen Paula Deen fry butter !

So, what new and different things did they fry on this show? The two that stuck with me were chicken fried bacon and battered and fried pizza ! I'm wondering just what kind of party evening led someone to batter a slice of pepperoni pizza and then dunk it in a deep fat fryer. Apparently, it's a big seller for the restaurant that sells them. (I can't believe there'd be more than one place doing this!)

As for the chicken fried bacon, can you say "heart attack on a plate"!?!?!

They start out with 6 strips of bacon in a stack, use fried chicken batter on it and then deep fry it. Of course, the plate isn't complete until they pour the thick and creamy, Southern-style country gravy over it!!!! (After all, that is the thing that makes chicken fried steak what it is!)

After an afternoon of such interesting food, I felt the need to make something decadent for dinner. No, I didn't find anything in the kitchen to batter and fry! I did whip up some Philly cheesesteak subs. (In some parts of the country, you'd call them "hoagies". ) The steak was grilled on a flat-top griddle but I did pan fry the onions. (Okay, I'll be honest, the bread and meat were just a vessel for the melted cheese and onions!)
It was good but I guess it was no chicken fried bacon !

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