Saturday, March 21, 2009

WARNING - the means to good luck ...

The following is a serious warning. Please read it carefully and heed the advice. It may not be too late for you. Yet. --

I opened another one of those chain e-mails on Friday! You know - the kind that say you MUST pass this on to 8 (6) (maybe 10) of your nearest, dearest, bestest friends in the next 8 (6) (10, whatever) minutes and great wealth or fantastic luck or maybe just a good hair day will come your way within the next 48 hours.

Well, I should have passed it on !!!! I stupidly (naively, whatever) simply deleted it. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Saturday's mail came and all it brought was bills. It wasn't just a bad hair day but a bad skin day, too. (I was "blotchy".) We were ready to go out for the day when the heater in the fish tank died. We had a replacement on hand but needed to hang around for a few hours to be sure it was working correctly after we installed it. (We have expensive fish and they prefer it WARM.)

That made it rather late in the day when we finally got to the casino. I guess that was a good thing, though. I lost money for a shorter amount of time!

Wouldn't you just know it, my Power Ball ticket had NO winning numbers on it.

Please, please, please -- take my advice, pass it on. You could get rich, or lucky or, at least have a good hair day!

(I've decided maybe, just maybe, I will pass the next "good luck chain" on. I guess it couldn't hurt.)


The Retired One said...

I absolutely HATE those chain e-mails. Now, they have even made religious ones,too.
What I usually do is ONLY hit reply and send it back to who sent it to me and then I delete them.
So far, no tornados or other tragedies have struck.
Hey, I passed in on, didn't I? Just to sent it to me (so they have to deal with sending out an additional PIA letters)! I tricked the system.
You may want to do that. ha

sassyglassdesigns said...

Sorry about your bad day but I seriously doubt it was because you didn't pass the letter on :-). I hate those things. I like the idea of sending it back to the owner.