Friday, March 13, 2009

Nifty!! Nifty!! Look who’s Fifty!!

In case you haven’t heard, Barbie turned 50 on Monday! And she’s lookin’ GOOOOOD!!! (I think there’s been some botox and silicone involved, but then, if you’ve got the spare cash, why not?)

I want to look for one of the Special Edition $3.00 Bathing Suit Anniversary dolls this week. (The original Barbie sold for $3.00 in 1959. That's her in the picture to the right. ) She’s dressed in a black and white striped suit reminiscent of the original Barbie’s black and white strapless suit. Back then, the suit was controversial because it was strapless. Today, “the ladies that lunch” just discuss whether a woman her age should wear a 2-piece! (I’m sure they really are just jealous! I know I am.)

I don’t have my original Barbie (circa 1961 or ‘62). My niece inherited most of mine and she wasn’t really a “girlie girl.” Most got beheaded and then painted with magic markers.

About twenty years ago, I managed to dig out my original Ken doll and what remained of his original outfit (He really does look like he’s left over from a 2-week binge!) and my original Skipper (1964) and began to slowly rebuild a Barbie collection. I purchased quite a few of the repro dolls, not because I thought they’d escalate in value but because I love the memories they bring to mind. I did get most of the Harley Barbies because, well, because I’m a Harley girl at heart. They were a pretty good investment at the time but only time will tell how they hold up on the market. By the way, they are releasing a 2009 Harley edition in June. Just in case you might be planning for my birthday in July. (hint - hint)

I’ve looked at all the scheduled Barbie releases for this year but I really can’t find the ones I expected. I thought sure we’d see a Red Hat Barbie wearing some elegant deep purple outfit with a bright red hat and, of course, I’m sure Barbie will join AARP so I expected one to be marching along carrying her AARP card and wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “I want my **** discount!” I mean, a woman smart enough to have had 108 careers in a 50 year lifespan should certainly be financially wise enough to get whatever discounts she’s entitled to, don’t you think?

Well, I’m going to go “create” some age appropriate outfits for my Barbies. Why don't y'all go have some fun and try to recall your childhood pleasures, too?


Megan said...

Totally jealous of your trip to the winery! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

She definitely looks good for fifty.