Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Bits'n' Pieces

Just a few more items I plan to post in within the next few days.

The little school box holds some humorous “gag” type items (life saver, rubber band, etc.) that signify the various roles a teacher fulfills in our children’s lives. It makes a great “end of year” gift for
a favorite teacher. (The shop listing will include more details.)

The tray is wood and is coated with a polyurethane finish that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Facebook ???

I’m still a little stymied with the Facebook thing. Maybe I’m too old to learn this new trick. As I said yesterday, all suggestions for how to do Face book are welcome! Everybody keeps telling me I should “Twitter,” too. (I’m sooooo confused!) I’m still just learning my way around this blog thing.


Upcoming Roadtrip --

We’re making plans to do our semi-annual drive West to visit the in-laws. It takes us about 20-22 hours actual drive time to go from home to Omaha, NE. We generally stay in a hotel at least one night each way although we did prove to ourselves once that we can do it in a day if necessary. (Actually, The Big Guy has done the straight through thing twice!) The first day is pretty grueling but we try to switch drivers every 100-150 miles and make frequent pit stops. We generally arrive by lunchtime the second day. While it is a long drive, it doesn’t do us in completely and we‘re usually ready for a full day of visiting when we get there. I’ll be totally computer free on that trip so I haven’t yet decided what to do about the blog. I’m thinking of preparing posts ahead of time that will automatically post each day. Have any of you done that? How has it worked for you? The other possibility is to have a few guest bloggers but I’m not sure just how that works so I need to do some research. Any thoughts on this issue?

Hope you're out there keeping the creative juices flowing this week!


TheClayMuse said...

I wish I could help witht the Facebook thing.. My friends and others keep telling me to get on there but I've been resisting...
Twitter too.. they all tell me to Twitter.. Like I don't spend enough time in front of my computer screen! (I may just give in to this twitter thing though...)

Ramblin Mama said...

The good thing aobut Twitter is, posts are limited to 140 characters. Therefore, you spend less time per post! (I'm trying that, too. haven't gotten the hang of either!)

Anonymous said...

I'm on Facebook and only for a short time but I enjoy it. I found out about it from one of the ministers at church. As it turns out, it's not at all what I thought which was smut and not much more. It also has all the options you need to keep it as open or as private as you like. I control who sees my "wall" in Facebook. I have to allow people in. I also selected to only allow my Facebook page to be seen by those who are my allowed "friends" so it works for me.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

I tried Facebook and I also feel I might be too old for that....

But more then that I found it very public in the bad way. so I can't help you with that just with the fact that if you don't feel belong there you are not alone!