Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News Flashes

Sometimes, the local news just makes you want to smile!

Earlier this week, the local reporters had a great time with a story concerning Jenna Bush’s Secret Service detail. As you probably know, the former president and his immediate family will enjoy Secret Service protection for the next ten years. (Bush is the first president not to receive this protection for life.) As you may not know, Jenna Bush and her husband moved to a row home (known as a townhouse in other parts of the country) in downtown Baltimore a few months ago. For those familiar with Charm City, her home is in Federal Hill very close to the touristy Inner Harbor and not far from both the Ravens Stadium and Oriole Park. Therefore, parking is very limited in her neighborhood and highly restricted. It seems the Secret Service vehicle had received numerous parking citations which had gone unpaid. It also seems, the City enforced their parking laws and impounded the vehicle last week!!


Then, there are the times when you wonder how Defense Attorneys can live with themselves. (Remember, I spent many years working in the legal profession.)

There was a murder in the Baltimore suburbs that took place in a gas station on Mother’s Day morning last year. The young man that was killed was on his way home from work and was filling his gas tank so he could go home and take his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital to deliver their first child. A 17-year-old attempted to rob this poor man and when he refused to give him his wallet, the robber proceeded to whip out a knife and stab him to death. The Defense Attorney first attempted to have him tried as a juvenile. Failing that, he has now gone with s defense argument that this young man (the robber) was merely trying to get enough cash to buy his mother a Mother’s Day present and had no intention of killing anyone. (Intent is required for a first-degree murder conviction.) He claims the victim actually caused his own death by refusing to turn the wallet over. Had he simply turned the money over, he would be alive to day spending time with his child!!

Sometimes, I’m glad I’m no longer associated with that profession!

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The Retired One said...

Now that is just WRONG!!!!

I couldn't live with myself if I was his attorney.