Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspiration ...

“Inspiration - where do you find it?” Oh, if I had a buck for every time someone asked me that!

Occasionally, an idea just pops into my head, complete down to the finishing details. Usually, though, I come up with a basic subject and then have to work at filling out the details or making it “pop” with some special touch to catch the eye. Sometimes a basic color triggers a plan. For example, a sparkly blue garment may bring the sea to mind and that, of course, leads me to sea creatures or boats or the beach. Perhaps that was a bad example.

When I draw a blank, I usually turn to my sea and coastal designs. Many of my products are “inspired” by the fish in our fish tank and the tropical fish décor items around our house. Growing up coastal, beachy things have always been in my head and around me to use for ideas.

Looking at some of the work I’ve done recently, I see one that was inspired by a three-year-old’s constant repetitive singing of the song “Bingo.” Sometimes the basic design of a garment will lead

my paintbrush along the stitching line or around the pockets. Often, my design needs to work with those features and bend to fit the situation. Customers will often come to me with a particular subject in mind, such as “flamingos.”

The basic idea or theme usually comes easy to me. It’s the details and finishing touches that take some real thought.

Pawprints finished off a cat and dog design.

After coming up with the bears and paint cans, splotches of paint went a long way to pull the look together.

Just look around you and work with the objects, shapes and colors that make you smile. Happy feelings make the creativity flow much better. Should an idea occur when you're not ready for it, simply jot it down in a little notebook and get back to it later. I use my little notebook a lot! It's really useful for the days when i find my head is absolutely devoid of all thoughts!

What inspires you?

Go out there today and put your thinking cap on and come up with some real creative thoughts!

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