Friday, March 20, 2009

Advice about Mom (and others you love)

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was in a bit of a funk and it wouldn’t have been pretty so I decided to simply sleep it off last night.


I have something important to relate but let me preface this tale by stating, confidently, that my mom and I were best friends not just relatives. We had many adventures together -- adventures that would have filled a book and that book would have had lots of laughs, some tears along the way and probably a lot of sage advice that would be really helpful if those in need of it would listen. That being said, I need to tell you a tale of one of my experiences while shopping with Mom.

We were getting out of the car at the mall one afternoon and Mom was taking her good old time getting to her feet. I was standing near the rear of the vehicle waiting for her. I can’t recall why I might have been in a hurry to get inside so I can’t explain me rushing her along with words to the effect of “C’mon Mom, we don’t have all day!” (This did take place quite a while ago!)

As luck would have it, a Church friend my mom’s age was passing by at that exact moment and she overheard the comment. She stopped and stated very emphatically, “Just be glad you still have her with you!”

I felt like I’d been corrected and immediately resented her comment. We went ahead and exchanged the usual pleasantries but, in my mind, I was thinking, “Why don’t you mind your own business, you old biddy!” For months after that, I thought those same thoughts each time I met up with this woman.

Mom has been gone almost fourteen years now and I know we spent as much time together as we could. I know I told her I loved her and I know she felt that in my actions. There are always some things you regret not getting to or not seeing her on that last day but I am comfortable with what our relationship was.

There are so many times, however, that I’d love to quote my mother’s friend! I see friends who I know will have many regrets and, out of friendship, I want to say something to give them a much needed nudge. I don’t do it as I recall how much I resented being told. I simply silently pray they will see the light and jump in there and enjoy what time they have.

If this applies to you in any way, Dear Reader, please take the advice for what it’s worth and apply it where needed.


Okay, I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my mind. Today is the first day of Spring and I’m excited about the new season (although I am watching the Today Show and it IS snowing in New York City at the moment!) I did get a few Spring items finished yesterday and I will show them off in another post later today. Right now, I’m going to go out and enjoy the sunshine we have here and breathe in some Spring!!

See y’all later!!


The Retired One said...

Your post touched me....we took care of my dying mom for 3 months and it was difficult. But now, we'd give anything for just one more day with her.
Lucky you with warm weather! You will have to read my post on my blog today!
We got another 2 inches of snow last night! (sigh!)

Jennie said...

A perfect post- very well written and relayed in a way that will allow people to hear exactly what you are saying. Thanks for the gentle reminder to appreciate what and who we have. Enjoy your sunshine :)

BookWormz said...

Thanks for sharing. Off to call my mom! :)

Mary Lou said... mother was only 51 when she died, like yours she was my best friend and confidant, 42 years later I still miss her like crazy.


Ramblin Mama said...

Here's to all our moms!! Thanks for your comments.