Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vacation prep is hard work!

Another hectic day of travel prep! Spent the day finishing up the laundry, packing the suitcases and putting the finishing touches on an outfit for our little Katie! She’s still at that great age where she’s thrilled to get something I made for her so I never arrive empty-handed. The paint should be dry on that by morning!

Oh, and I’ve been making Easter eggs (the chocolate kind) throughout the day. It’s a family tradition that I make tons of Easter candy. The problem is, I didn’t start until yesterday.

We planned this trip within the last two weeks so I really didn’t have a lot of warning that the candy would need to be done so soon. Mixing the buttercreams for the filling is really hard on my shoulder and wrists as it needs to be so thick. I normally space out that part. Well, I mixed two batches of peanut butter yesterday and a batch each of chocolate and vanilla today. It hurts to raise my arms high enough to brush my hair!!

I just dipped 35 eggs this evening. I’m sure a few will need a little re-dipping for finishing purposes but I’m letting them set up at the moment. I’ll handle the final dipping just before I go to bed. I need to get up at 4:45 to take The Big Guy to work. Since he works west of home, it makes since for me to pick him up after work and we can head out from there, saving us about 2 hours of drive time and avoiding the worst of the rush hour traffic.

I still need to gather my activity stuff (paints, books, etc.), toiletries and print some pictures to take with us. I also need to type in several blog posts to run while I’m away- so y’all won’t forget me! I won’t have internet access while I’m gone. Hopefully, those posts will run without a snag. We’ll see. I just hated to leave you with nothing for so long. I won’t be back online until April 7th. If they don’t run well, please bear with me - this is experimental!

Well, gotta run. Lots more to do before I sleep tonight. I will post one more time before leaving tomorrow.

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sassyglassdesigns said...

Those candies look wonderful...have a great time and relax.