Monday, October 4, 2010

Whew! Had to step out to handle an emergency.

Sorry to disappear for a few days but we had a family emergency here and blogging simply had to take a back seat for a few days. Things have settled down quite a bit and I hope to be back into my regular routine from here on in.

To our family and close friends that are regular readers, "Thanks, for all of the calls, thoughts, prayers and offers to help if necessary. It's fantastic to know we have so many people who care about us."


In the meantime, the good fairies over at The Nutshell were working hard to put together the 1st Annual Autumn Harvest Extravaganza and I am a participant in that great event. It's now up and running and ready to go. Be sure to take time to check out all of the give-aways and sign up for those you'd like to win. Just to celebrate the Autumn season, we're giving away twenty+ individual Fall items starting on October 10. You can enter to win one specific piece or enter the drawings for all of them. Use the button on the left or click here to see all the wonderful give-aways that are happening as part of the Extravaganza.
My gift that will be awarded to some lucky winner is a trio of crocheted Halloween characters. These can be used for decoration or as a baby toy. They are completely safe for even the tiniest of babes, made with soft acrylic yarn with nothing to pull or break off and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Don't want to wait to win these cuties, they are also available in my shop at .

Entering to win any of the gifts is a simple as fanning the Facebook page or hearting a shop on Etsy.

Come on, join in the Autumn fun!!!

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Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, I do hope that everything is OK with your family.

Take care ~Natalie