Friday, October 15, 2010

So, what have I been up to ?

Sorry, folks. I just wasn't feeling very bloggy the last few days.

I was, however, fairly productive. I spent my week sewing, crocheting, hand-dyeing and painting onesies. Some were for orders, some for gifts (like the Pooh bear) and a few were for new merchandise in the shop. Here's a sample of all that was happening on my little work table:
There are still a few works in progress, too. Like this one: Then there was the "accidental painting" - yep, that's a blotch of black paint on my pajama top. One fact about fabric paint : It's PERMANENT. Which explains why I prefer to paint in my pjs each morning. It also explains why I don't entertain a lot while painting, too!

And, yes, they are flannel jammies. It's gotten quite cool here. The Big Guy actually turned the heat on last night because HE was cold!!! (That doesn't happen often.) Ooooh, it felt sooooo good!!!

It is supposed to warm up again over the weekend. I hope so. I'm not ready for coats and such. I don't DO winter. At least not of my own free will.

Here's hoping you have a happy, creative, productive and warm weekend, wherever you are.

***P.S. Don't forget about the Autumn Harvest Extravaganza over a
t The Nuthouse. My contribution to this huge give-away event will be awarded to some lucky entrant tomorrow. It's not too late to enter and it's really easy to get in on a chance to win any of a number of Fall items.

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