Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So, what's "NORMAL" ?

I've been saying "things are getting back to normal" a lot lately. Which brings us to, just what IS "NORMAL"?A lot of us grew up thinking the Cleavers, the Andersons and, later, the Huxtables, were "normal". Then, as we grew up, we found TV shows like One Day At A Time, The Brady Bunch, Good Times and, yes, even, Reba portrayed "normal" to us. My niece particularly identifies with the gang on Still Standing. Roseanne was popular for so long because so many working class families saw themselves there.

Recently, I've really gotten into watching Showtime's series, Weeds. Now, I'm not in any way saying I identify with that family as "normal" but as Season 6 got underway, the family desperately tried to get back into an acceptable normal lifestyle as they resettled in Seattle. Then, as expected things went awry and one of the boys stated, "So much for normal." The mom, Nancy's, response, has become a favorite phrase for me,

"This is OUR normal."

So, yes, things here are getting back to normal - OUR normal. At least for now, we are going about our daily lives in our usual fashion. Our sea is calm. The tide rolls in, the tide rolls out. It feels good. So until another squall blows in, we're just enjoying life.
Here's hoping your seas are calm now, too.

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BundlesofBlossoms said...

What a coincedental post. I just posted yesterday about sitcom life-(great minds think alike)

It's funny how we watch television and unknowingly try to decide what is normal in our own families based on the writers version of "normal" for televised families-

Interesting post:)