Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shunned ?

Maybe there’s something to the act of “shunning.” You know, the act of intentionally shutting someone out of your circle.

Most of us first come across this in Middle School or High School and it is most closely associated with the “pretty girls” and their chosen circle. The Amish formally shun folks who have violated their customs and way of life. For them, if a person has been designated as “shunned,” they disapprove of others in the circle not honoring that decision and actually reprimand those who continue that relationship.

Perhaps it’s time for the Manzo women (and friends) to shun Danielle. If you know what I’m referring to, then you, like me, must watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey.For some reason, I LOVE this show. It’s the only one of the Housewives series I’ve been able to get caught up in. The Big Guy thinks it’s ridiculous so I watch it in secret, usually after he’s turned in for the night.

Unlike the New York, Atlanta or OC wives, I can identify with these Jersey girls. I want to sit down and have lunch with Caroline. Teresa makes me shake my head and laugh. Her life with the girls is so “girly.“ I just want to hug Dina most of the time. She’s such a sweetheart and really has a wonderful heart. In my mind, Jacqueline represents “youth” in this crowd and, while I sometimes feel they (Caroline and Dina) need to let her make her own choices and learn by her own experience, I, too, would want to give her advice. (I’m sure she’s grateful I don’t have her phone number, too.)

As for Danielle --- . Can you spell “T-R-A-S-H” ? One of the most popular terms tossed around with regard to her rhymes with “witch”. Who am I to argue with that? They say every good story needs an antagonist. I guess she’s it. Let’s just let her antics speak for her.

I desperately want to “do lunch” with Caroline. There’s so much to chat about.

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