Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just slumpin, here!

I’m definitely in a creative slump at the moment. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m in a general slump, not just artistically.

As of two hours ago, we’ve been back from our trip out West for two weeks and I still haven’t gotten back in the groove. Heck, this week I’m having trouble even figuring out what day it is! (I keep saying that’s because of the holiday on Monday. You know, any excuse in storm.) That explains how I missed both the Tuesday Teaser and the Working the Shows Wednesday posts this week.

I’m being pushed toward my paints, though. I have two orders to finish in the next few days. I’ll be able to do one of them completely tomorrow but the other is a furniture piece that takes several days due to drying times needed for the polyurethane coatings. That one is a Father’s Day gift item. Luckily, it just gets delivered a few doors away so mid-week is soon enough.

As for jump-starting the rest of my life, we’ve got a fairly full calendar this week so I really won’t have much choice. I’m judging a BBQ contest on Saturday, have a music event on Sunday, houseguests coming in Sunday also and a graduation to attend on Monday. Between all these and the painting, I still need to prep for the guests and do a little meal planning and prep, too.

So, please, let me be a slug for just a few more hours - at least until the alarm goes off in the morning!

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