Saturday, June 12, 2010

More music...

A fairly good sized crowd gathered Saturday for the Bay Music Festival in Centreville, MD. The weather was fantastic and the music even better.Dean Rosenthal got things started with some American roots music - singing, blowing the harp and playing a distinctive slide on one of his classic guitars.
Bird Dog and the Road Kings made yet another appearance at this annual event playing a bit of Eastern Shore of MD honky-tonk truckin' country blues. This time, they were joined by a guest sax player and he really added to their already solid sound. They should get that man a contract!

A new-comer to this event was The Rew Smith Band with a more modern rock sound than we're used to. Something a bit differernt here but they sounded good.

The crowd stayed attentive throughout the day.

The Deanna Bogart Band took the stage and the crowd got fired up. She's an absolutely fantastic pianist and has a clear, strong voice with which to sing the blues.She somehow mixes a hard rock sound with solid blues and a lot of honk-tonk, boogie-woogie style keyboard work! She's also well versed on the sax and her band (drums, bass and guitar) are perfectly in synch with her at all times. They are tight! She was joined by that guest sax on a number of her songs, too. They were rockin'.
There were even some dual sax moments. What a hard-driving sound!

Tranzfusion closed the night out with lots of sounds from the Stones, Animals and more. The dance floor was full!!! (It's hard to take decent pics at night.)

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