Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Lost, Found & Dearly Departed

Another busy day!! We attended the 8th Annual Lost, Found and Dearly Departed Reunion Picnic in Harrisburg, PA. This event began 8 years ago when Rick returned to his hometown from Pittsburgh and attempted to reconnect with old friends and family. Some were already gone, some were simply lost and some, he was able to locate. In an effort to keep the friendships going and to honor those no longer with us, he called his friends and family together at a picnic. They began to bring their friends and so on and so on.
A couple years ago, the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania got involved and started hauling in some fantastic musical entertainment. Rick and the BSCP opened the event to the public. An admission fee is charged and covers not just the great music (7 or 8 bands from noon til 10 p.m.) but also all-you-can-eat fried chicken, fried catfish, hand-cut fries, salads and much more. As with all family picnics, everybody brings something for the buffet table - often a dessert. Salads and sides are also welcome. There's almost always a birthday cake or two floating around. This is a BYOB event.

Mikey, Jr. (from Philadelphia)carried his mike and harmonica out
into the crowd, even serenading one of the youngest attendees!

They don't run out of food and everybody gets along. You're greeted with hugs. They take pictures of everybody that attends and post them on large picture boards. You can take a gander and see how you change from year to year. There are separate boards for the lost and departed. You're welcome to bring pictures of your own lost folks. This year the bands ranged form local groups to those from Philly, Norfolk, Pittsburgh and even Chicago. The mountain rocked!!

The Altar Boys from Steelton, PA got the day started with music
for everybody and all ages, playing some polkas, a little zydeco,
sliding into some country, a little blues and some driving rock.
They even threw in some golden oldies and even a little folk.

A good time was had by all!!

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elsiee said...

This is THE most wonderful idea for a picnic I have ever heard!!! Any event where you're greeted with a hug and they don't run out of food is my kind of place!!