Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Working the Shows Wednesday - Christmas plans ?

So, what are your show plans for the Christmas season?
Did you say you don't have any yet? What are you waiting for? At this point, many of the "better" holiday shopping shows are filling up, if not already filled. Many have application deadlines in July. (You may have already missed applying for some of the more established shows.)

There is a reason why folks sign up this early for these shows. They have winning track records for bringing out the shoppers and generating lots of sales. It's also a good idea to know what shows you will be doing when and to start gearing up your production to be ready for those busy shows.

Which brings us to my next question -
"Have you started working on your holiday merchandise?"

Christmas is only 193 days away. That's only 26 1/2 weeks! I don't know about you, but I usually don't do any shows after December 7th as I find folks are beginning to panic at that stage and are more likely to head for the mall than to stroll a craft show. So, that brings it down to about 24 weeks.

Now, for most of us, summer gets fairly busy both in the sense of craft shows and in family commitments. Our family has several vacation times built into that time period thus causing a dip in production time. It seems each year, I suddenly arrive at September 1st, the beginning of the holiday selling season and realize I haven't produced as much holiday merchandise as I wanted (and needed). Each year, I say I plan to do better next year. (It's a lot like New Year's Resolutions, the same thing repeats each year!)

Better figure out what you're doing when and how much merchandise you need to get together. then, set up a production schedule and STICK TO IT !!!!

So, I'll ask again, what are you doing about Christmas? (Notice I said "doing" not "planning".)

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