Monday, June 28, 2010

Bend - Sway - Go with the flow ... Maintain F*L*E*X*I*B*I*L*I*T*Y*!!!


Just keep repeating it until you feel it.

Yep, I'm back to the old mantra. I'm finding, once again, that the best laid plans can go awry quickly and one must learn to bend with the changes, sway from the pre-planned course and go with the flow.

I can't believe it has been an entire week since I last posted ! Once again, we were traveling but I thought I would have computer access so I prepared a few items with the idea that I could simply jump on and publish them on the appropriate day. I even thought I would write one or two posts from my destination. Well, the days didn't quite pan out that way. I would have had access to the computer but it would have meant missing out on some of the activities we went to take part in.

In addition to "flexibility", I kept getting hung up on "priorities" and "obligations". One must keep their own priorities straight and accomplish what is most important to you. My priority on this trip was to spend time with folks we love and miss so much. That's why we spent an entire day traveling each way to be able to spend two short days together. Those were wonderful, full days and, yes, we'll do it again, soon. Hopefully, we'll be able to at least squeeze in one more day there.

Our time was short due to that other term, "obligations." This one kind of went hand-in-hand with the "priority" thing. We had to be home on Saturday morning for a family obligation that I considered to be a very important priority on my part because it was an important occasion for another family member.

The Big Guy has previously referred to my struggling to post daily, no matter what else is happening, as an obsession. I was driven to get a post in when possible but, "family" is my biggest priority and there has been a lot happening there - mostly good things. There's been a lot of time going into those activities the last few weeks and something had to give.

I've found I really do need to sleep a bit each night. Then there are those other "obligations" like cooking, laundry and housecleaning. Really, 24 hours a day just doesn't cut it. As I am generally a late-night poster, the blogs were the item that usually gave a bit. I just don't type well with my eyes closed!

At the moment, things are quieting down, so I'm hoping to get caught up here and get back into the daily routine. I've missed it. I've missed putting my thoughts down in words and I've missed spending time each night reading what all my favorite bloggers have had to say. I'm hoping to find time to go back and read all my faves and catch up.

I need the comfort of my routine. It really does keep me sane. (Or at least, it makes me "appear" sane to many people.)

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