Friday, June 18, 2010


Bits and pieces of unconnected thoughts, quirky facts, questions, etc.

** Last week I saw something for the first time I can ever remember. A middle-aged woman at a concert dropped her cigarette on the ground, went to step on it to put it out, hesitated since she was barefoot and, after careful consideration, went ahead and ground it out with her heel. She didn't seem any the worse for wear. (She didn't seem drunk at the time either.)

**Speaking of cigarettes, I come from a state with some of the strictest smoking in public laws so I found it a bit ironic that at Prairie Meadows Race Track and Casino in Des Moines, you can't smoke outside in the grandstands BUT you can step inside and light up!

**Also on the subject of tobacco, it is illegal to smoke anywhere on the property owned by union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore including "in your personal vehicle" parked in the hospital's hi-rise garage. Neighbors of the hospital are complaining about nurses and doctors congregating in front of their homes on the public sidewalks to stand and smoke while on break. This occurs at all hours. They chat loudly and litter the yards and walkways with cigarette butts and coffee cups. When asked to smoke somewhere else, they often become outspoken and obnoxious. Some neighbors claim the smoke is so thick they are prevented from enjoying their own yards and porches. There are some other neighborhoods in the city where, when patrons step outside a bar to smoke, they are cited for loitering. (Apparently doctors can't be charged with that.)

**Another observation made at that concert mentioned above, if your pockets hang below the bottom of your cutoffs and you are over the age of 18, your shorts are too short and you shouldn't be wearing them with 4" heels, either. They do not make you look like Daisy Duke or Ellie May Clampett!

**I just discovered peach-flavored Fresca! I find it tastes very similar to peach flavored white wine (one of my faves) and it's perfectly acceptable to drink it at any time of day and in just about any situation. You can even drive after gulping a litre or more!

**Omarosa ?!? Matchmaking ?!? In the same sentence!! Oh, come on, Donald! Get real!! Does anybody really want to watch that?

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