Monday, June 14, 2010

Stop the merry-go-round - I want to get off !

I keep thinking tomorrow will be calmer, less hectic and allow me time to get back to my normal routine. Yes, I know "normal" is a relative term.

While my weekend was enjoyable it was a bit rushed and hectic. Today, I had some "To Do" items that had to be done. Again, a bit rushed. Just when I thought I saw the light, The Big Guy suggested we "get away" tomorrow on a quick overnight to the Coast. Now, who can say "no" to that? So, immediately after dinner I began the mad rush around to get a bag packed and take care of a few things that "needed doing" before I could skip out for two days.So, what have I created in this mad rush. among a couple of routine orders, I also had to design and paint a new table design for a hunter. The daughter who made the custom order was somewhat specific in the elements she wanted and camouflage was one of those requests. Well, I had to think on that one but managed to come up with a way to work it in. Turned out fairly well and, most important, the customer was overjoyed and that's what counts, isn't it?I've got so much to photograph to get in the shop and so many items that need finishing. I'll be frantically working to add to the shop between all the other activities we have planned.

Well, catch you on the rebound. Maybe, just maybe, I'll relax on that beach tomorrow.

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