Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hibble Hobble Hubby

I believe an important aspect of happiness is the ability to laugh at yourself and, if you truly believe your wedding vows (the part about "two shall become one"), at your spouse. Of course, for the sake of the relationship we all claim to be laughing with them not at them. Well, last night was one of those occasions.

We had planned a whole different day than we had yesterday so we salvaged the evening by heading for our usual casino. (This was part of the original plan.)

They were having a special evening of drawings every 15 minutes with cash prizes and slot dollar awards. To participate, you needed to drop special coupon entries previously mailed to you in the drawing bins by 6 p.m. Well, we were running kind of tight on the timing, so I dropped The Big Guy off at the door so he could drop our entries and then I went to park. After parking, I took the shuttle back to the casino, touched base with him and then went our separate ways until we met up for dinner at 8:45.Since it was still daylight, I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening air and the scenery. Our casino has a horse track and is surrounded by a fantastic golf course. There is a gorgeous lake in the infield of the track that has loads of ducks and geese. There are usually quite a few folks out there in the stands just getting a whiff of fresh air, having a smoke or just killing time in a comfortable (and cheap) manner. When the track is silent, I find it relaxing to sit in the stands and just watch those feathered friends for awhile. (On a sunny day, I'll take a book and work on my tan.)

At the appointed time, we met in the Picnic Area (deli) and while he stood in line to get our meals, I rounded up a table for us. (Key to this incident is the fact that we intended to leave home at 4:30 and I let him nap until about 4:20 so he really wasn't very wide awake yet when we left home.) When he came over, he burst into laughter and pointed out that he had mismatched shoes on. Other than both being a shade of brown, they were really different! (Different heel height, higher rise, etc.) He really was quite lopsided!
He was laughing as he had noticed he walked funny when he first got out of the car but never looked at his feet. He just assumed he had pulled something working in the yard earlier in the day. Now, almost four hours later he had looked down. Of course, he was wearing shorts so I'm sure a few others may have noticed before he did. (His feet do sort of stick out - he wears a size 15!)

Now, most of us would simply feel embarrassed and try not to call attention to the fact. Not my man! He laughed and then pointed it out to those standing in line with him. This is the part that made me laugh ... and laugh...and laugh at the image of these folks, telling their friends about "the crazy old man" they saw in line. Thank goodness, I wasn't with him!!

I DID check his feet before going out in public with him today !

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