Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vacation Preps

It's been a busy couple of days here. I'm trying to get everything ready for our vacation in a few days. I am bound and determined I WILL NOT be struggling at the last minute to get everything packed!

I think I've got everything done to keep the homefires burning while we're gone. I've posted the "Vacation Rules." After last July's trip , I can't stress enough, "No digging in the front yard!" (I'm thinking of embroidering it on a sampler.) That pit still has not been completely resolved!!

I even posted a surreptitious list of things that CAN be done AS LONG AS THEY'RE DONE BY THE TIME WE GET BACK!!! This includes things like repairing the concrete on the patio, painting the railing on the inside stairway, steam cleaning the carpets, etc. I don't really expect any of that to be done, but, Hey, it's worth a shot!!

Last time, we came home to a new toilet seat (It broke the night before we left.) and a freshly caulked tub. I wasn't surprised by the toilet seat as I had purchased the new one the morning we left and had it standing in the bathroom as a hint. I think it was a matter of personal comfort if they wanted to use the facilities at all while we were gone. The caulking, though, was a pleasant surprise as it had been on the To Do List for months.

I seem to have a pretty good handle on the laundry and ironing of clothing that needs to go with us. I've started the pile of odds and ends that I want to take (You know, a stray book or two that wandered East at some point and needs to find its way home, Ravens souvenirs for the misplaced fans, a stack of photographs for the family [some still do not have email or facebook], and more.) I still need to make a grocery run to pick up those regional faves that just aren't available in the Midwest and to gather nibbles for that 1200 mile drive. I'm exhausted but I think I may actually have my act pretty much together at this point.

Unfortuantely, I won't have internet access while traveling so I'll be busy going through withdrawal and missing all of you. In the next two days, I need to type in advance postings for both blogs. I've come up with a few interesting items for your reading pleasure while I'm gone. So, please keep stopping by.


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

We're leaving soon too! Love the anticipation of a vaca! Hope you have a wonderful trip. So much to do before but I dread the work that we'll have when we return! Great blog!

Triple Willow said...

I hope you have a great vacation! If you get a chance to come to Davenport shoot me an email! Too late for the eagles but we'll get a Whitey's icecream!