Thursday, April 29, 2010

A bit (more) about me...

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D. over at Nine Ways Down posted this little Q & A the other day an asked us to do the same.

So, since I have many new Followers since I last poste one of these lists, here goes:

1) Favorite Hobby:

It's a toss up between reading a juicy novel and painting.

(I try to do some of each every day!)

2) Favorite TV Show:
Another toss up - Two And A Half Men and Modern Family

3) Favorite Restaurant Food:
Fried mozzarella sticks

4) Favorite Thing to Shop For:
Greeting Cards - I love to send cards and always want to find the one that's "just right" !

5) Favorite Animal:

It's got to be dogs, specifically a golden retriever or a beagle.

(Strange thing is, I collect all things reindeer! I have at least 500 of them! Illegal to keep live ones in our State, though.)

6) Favorite Song:
Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight

(The Big Guy can't sing but I love to have him sing this one to me. According to friends and family, love may be blind but this proves it definitely is deaf !)

7) Favorite Word:


(It's become my mantra!)

8) Recent Favorite YouTube Video:

I couldn't get this one embedded here, so I'll just have to link.

Comedian Jeanne Robertson's "Don't Bungee Jump Naked!"

9) Favorite Movie:
Tonight, I'd have to say Elizabethtown. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll lean another direction!

10)Favorite Childhood Memory:

I couldn't pick one specific memory, so I'll have to go with the general beach vacations with my family, specifically a few where my grandparents went with us after they could no longer make that drive alone.

Tell me something about you !

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ninewaysdown said...

Fried mozarella sticks!! They are so good, aren't they?!

And I'm with you on the greeting cards...I could spend hours reading through them until I find just the right one!

Thanks for reblogging and linking!