Monday, April 26, 2010

So, how was YOUR weekend?

Is there a Lost and Found for weekends?

I know we had a weekend. In fact, ours was fairly full but, somehow, it seemed to be missing to some extent. Maybe we were too busy!!!

We actually went out on the town on Friday. Well, sort of. Other than going to dinner, we rarely go out on Friday evenings. This week we went to a fundraiser at a parochial school where they turn the school setting into "Manhattan After Dark."

They decorate to an unbelievable extent turning the auditorium, cafeteria, hallways and even classrooms into the streets and clubs of NYC. Unfortunately, my photos didn't turn out well due to the dark lighting. The auditorium became an 80s style disco while the gym was a nightclub featuring, not one, but two classic rock bands who played alternately for an hour at a time. Both were very good. (This was where we spent most of our evening.) The cafeteria became a formal restaurant with a fantastic menu and live music for your dining pleasure. After the restaurant closed at 9:30, a dance band played and then a comedy club was set up in this area even later. If you weren't into the formal meal (We had prime rib and crab cakes), there was a NY style deli set up in one of the classrooms featuring some terrific sandwiches (We ate in there last year.)

We also spent some time in the Irish pub and window shopped in the coffee and pastry shop! There was a karaoke bar, too, but we passed on that for others' comfort! (Neither of us sing!) Yes, there was plenty of alcohol available for purchase, a silent auction, a cigar bar outside and more.

This is a HUGE fundraiser for the school and lots of folks look forward to it each year.

Even after having been out late on Friday, we were up bright and early Saturday to visit the Farmers' Market in search of bedding plants for our front flower beds. We expected rain later in the day and wanted to get the plants in before the clouds burst. The morning was gorgeous! We ended up making several stops to get what we wanted but were home with the plants in the bed long before the rains came.

After a hard day's work, we rewarded ourselves with a steamed crab meal at our favorite crab house which finally opened for the season this week. We've really missed them. It's our Cheers. They know our names and are always glad we came!
We were up and out early again on Sunday, managed to run some errands and had a little fun. We managed to get home in time to watch the Orioles win a game!!! (Only their 3rd win for the season!) The Big Guy's card crowd was here for the evening , as usual, and, suddenly and without warning, the weekend was OVER!!

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daisydilly (vicki) said...

Wow wasn't anyway near as busy as you but I was thinking how fast the weekend (and the week for that matter ) went!!! The school fundraiser sounded like alot of fun and good time.Thanks for sharing.